Started in the UK as a members-only community by AWA, the AWA Institute launches its Bengaluru chapter today (18th August, 2023).

The institute is dedicated to supporting inspirational leaders from all disciplines of business (including Operations, Corporate Real Estate, Facilities Management, HR and IT) as they journey to a future model of workplace management that aligns to strategic business objectives and supports people in doing their best work.

The purpose and nature of work and the workplace are at the forefront of challenges faced by most organisations today. As a result, many are now considering what work and the workplace in the future needs to look like in order to retain talent and operate effectively.

In these uncertain times, the institute shares professional knowledge and insights to help leaders navigate the transformation of work and place. It creates valuable networking opportunities both on and off screen, provide unlimited access to the latest scientific research and insights, and offer unparalleled leadership training and development.

The launch in Bengaluru today includes a workshop titled ‘The Impact of AI on the Workplace’. Led by AWA’s Shashidhar Sharma, the evening will also feature a talk by Dr. Michael Jackson, AI thought leader and visionary behind Shaping Tomorrow and Mike will share valuable insights into the true impact of AI and next-gen tools on the change management landscape that will be integral to organisations’ real estate strategy in 2024! 🏢 👨‍💻 Also attending virtually will be AWA’s founder Andrew Mawson.

Leaders from some of the largest multinational organisations with their bases in India have confirmed their participation. Write to Harika if you wish to become a member here. Find out more about the institute here