It is 2020. Humans live and work in a blended world. Home and work is blended. The physical and digital worlds are blended. Gen Z is blended and not limited by geographical boundaries.

Different people and organizations are trying to address the question “What is the future of work and life?” The answers are different, not quite blended with each other and change with time. At, we try and make sense of all of it as a collective. Blend in today. is a collective and is on a constant mission to co-create the future of how humans work and live in the future. Individuals and organizations take part in this mission by sharing thoughts & ideas and offering solutions that challenge humans. brings forth the knowledge and knowhow of a wide array of individuals, product manufacturers, tech suppliers, academia, researchers, architects and designers, scientists, psychologists and sociologists; who are all trying to answer the question, in their own way, ‘How will humans work and live in the future’?

This is by and for you. Blend in today.

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