The user

The Blend Trends app is meant for those interested in the 'world of work', and is a one-stop-shop for the latest news, articles, videos and happenings around the subject, eliminating the need to search the internet or subscribe to newsletters.

Besides ‘as it happens’ updates as above, the app features a) Live events from across the globe, b) Jobs in the sector and c) Online courses (coming soon)

Engaging with the user

We are on a mission to source and create content that our users will be able to relate to. You can contribute towards this mission and engage with users. There are different ways to do that:

Write articles that appear on the Blend website, on the app with notifications for users, and further displayed across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and  Telegram.

If you have a blog or a blog section on your website and the topics in that are relevant and aligned to the overarching topic themes of the app, your blog posts can appear as highlighted links on the app (with notifications for users) and further displayed across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and a Telegram channel.

Stream your live events via the app, and through our YouTube channel, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

Customised podcast in the podcast section of the app, and upstream broadcast via Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Amazon music and others

Customised video series, displayed on the app, on our YouTube channel, and displayed across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.

Much much more, including ideas that you may have. Write to us at hello@blend.world