Institute of Driving and Training Research (IDTR) – Designed for Road Safety

Institute of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR), a first of its kind initiative in India designed for road safety.

BAHADURGARHIt all began in the year 1998 when it was realized that road safety had become a major issue for metropolitan cities like Delhi. The accident rate was getting alarmingly high and the driving discipline and training was falling weak. There was an indomitable need to develop a training facility to control the situation.

In this scenario, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd took the initiative in partnership with the Government of NCT Delhi to spread awareness of road safety and train drivers. Considering the expertise of Creators Architects in public space design for automobile firms, the officials assigned their team, the job to first identify and research the design requirements for an institute and later design all the facilities.

IDTR SKKDesigning the first of its kind institute of India was no less a challenge. Creators Architects’ team conducted an in-depth research by studying different aspects like behavior patterns of drivers, variable road conditions, car mechanics as well as traffic rules and regulations followed in India. The aim was to develop an institute that would be equipped to provide theory as well as practical classes to the drivers.

One part of the building was designed for theory classes, simulator training, workshops, etc. and the other was for field training. Special care was taken to make the building environment-friendly for commercial vehicle drivers who could come and get themselves registered in a hassle free manner.

The main challenge was to design training tracks as per international standards. Since this was the pilot project – all situations were identified which a driver would encounter on road in real life.


Parking, overtaking, lane changing , traffic lights, hill track, S bend, U turn, Hairpin bend are few of them. All this information was then translated into practical training tracks in a very scientific manner, catering to the needs of multiple level learners. Two wheelers training tracks were also designed. These tracks were based on norms laid by Indian Road Congress (IRC) and Central Institute of Road transport (CIRT).

Soon the need for more such training institutes was recognized, which led to a few other similar institutes being proposed under the name “Institute of Drivers Training and Research.”

IDTR Bahadurgarh

Creators Architects team got the opportunity to design three more such institutes; one is an institute at Sarai Kale Khan in Delhi, designed as a joint venture of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd and Govt. of NCT Delhi. The other two are at Bahadurgarh and Rohtak which are joint ventures of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd and Govt. of Haryana.
In March 2016, Transport Department of Govt. of Delhi authorized Institute of Driving and Traffic Research at Loni and Sarai Kale Khan to conduct driving test for license applicants for non-transport vehicle licenses.

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