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Guwahati tabloid G-Plus announced the upcoming Gallopper Talks in Guwahati Guwahati. Here is the article:

Gallopper Talks, an inspiring series of talks for Construction and Building industry professionals will be held Guwahati on May 27 2016, Friday at The Radisson Blu.

Gallopper Talks, an inspiring series of talks for Construction and Building industry professionals will be held Guwahati on May 27th 2016, Friday at The Radisson Blu.

The main intention of Gallopper Talks is to push the Building and Construction industry (currently facing a prolonged sluggish activity) forward, by embracing change and innovation, and fostering greater collaboration across the sector. As technology opens up new worlds of once-unthinkable opportunities, Gallopper Talks seeks to bring together national industry thought leaders and change agents for a high-impact, collaborative event and to deepen the attendees’ understanding of unprecedented power and possibilities now available to those who design, build, operate, maintain, plan and trade in this vital industry.

The line-up during the evening will consist of noteworthy speakers from different areas of the industry, each one incredibly passionate about the cause he/she champions. These accomplished speakers will share their experiences on their journey to excellence, talk about their challenges and endurances and hope to inspire more individuals from the audience to walk the paths that is their true calling.

The sessions so far have been very successfully held in Mumbai and Pune since March 2015. The topics have ranged from cultural comparisons in architecture to skill development to architectural solutions for urban issues and much more. Each Talk is carefully rehearsed and the speaker given 15 minutes to share his perspective of the industry with the audience. This is then followed by networking and interactions across the board.

Speakers in Guwahati include the German MD of Hafele, Mr. Jurgen Wolf,  Banker turned social innovator Santosh Parulekar, co-founder of the Raahgiri movement Sarika Panda and the doyen of BIM in India, Sabu Francis. All speakers will talk on topics relevant to Assam and the North East.

Gallopper Talks is the flagship programme of Gallopper, an organisation which was founded in mid-2014 by Architects Sibani Chakravarty Sarma and Parthajeet Sarma, both alumni of the prestigious Sir J J College of Architecture, Mumbai, after their respective experience of nearly two decades (each) within the realms of Design and Construction. Both the founders of the organisation are originally from Guwahati.

Gallopper was born from the strong belief that to meet challenges like “Housing for all by 2022” and others, the building and construction industry needs to ramp up capacity building. And one of the most efficient ways of building capacity within an existing system is to collaborate, something that is lacking in the industry with professionals working in silos. Given the lack of an ‘open innovation’ approach, over time the building and construction industry has also suffered from a ‘lack of innocence’ image, and operates in seemingly shades of greys. This, despite the crucial role it plays in nation building, contributing 8% to India’s GDP. By highlighting success stories, Gallopper today provides a platform for professionals to learn and to collaborate, with industry stake-holders. The side effect of this is a ‘feel good’ image of the industry.

Gallopper Talks is now recognised as a programme of inspiration and knowledge sharing in different domains of the built environment. It facilitates collaboration and networking among academia, civil society organizations and professionals from disciplines like architecture, engineering and construction management – who are engaged with development and urban issues. Gallopper, with its eye on the construction industry has thus been able to bring to fore, through the talk series, issues that matter.

Since its birth in mid 2014, industry behemoths like Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate, Godrej Interio, Pidilite Industries, Hafele, Berger Paints, NKGSB Bank, Network Media-Aquascript, Ambuja Cements, AccessWork, Box8, have supported initiatives of Gallopper in various ways like sponsorships and other forms of partnerships.

Gallopper Talks in Guwahati is presented by Godrej Interio and the German Major, Hafele and supported by The Telegraph in association with AAA (Association of Architects, Assam). The audience in Guwahati will comprise of professionals who are members of AAA, the most active professional body in the region and HNIs & A-listers from the upper echelons of society from the entire NE region.

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