Rajnish Jain – Burning pine needles to light up homes

Rajnish Jain, Speaker at Gallopper Talks 2016, enthralled the audience with his concern on the repleting natural resources of the Earth.  In a world where economy is pitted against ecology, Avani strives to create business models for a better earth, that enhances both, be it the business of making naturally dyed hand made textiles, or making natural colours for various colouring application, or generating modern clean energy from destructive pine needles, or growing organic vegetables from treated waste water.

Rajnish Jain, co-founder of Avani, strongly feels that the business should strive to enhance natural capital just as it does with financial capital. He also believes in training rural people to be able to manage technology and businesses without the necessity of a formal degree in either, and Avani has demonstrated this successfully by developing a team of young people from remote rural areas who are managing businesses.

Rajnish has received several awards for his pioneering work on generating electricity and cooking charcoal from pine needles, which otherwise are threatening the fragile Himalayan eco-system. He has created a business which, removes the destructive pine needles from ecosystem to generate clean energy , both electrical and cooking, for rural needs, jobs in the villages, reduces carbon emissions and regenerate biodiversity on which rural people depend for their sustenance.

Rajnish lives and work in rural Himalayas. His talk and his work was applauded by all at Gallopper Talks  2016.

Gallopper Talks is a mission centred around a series of 2 hour programs, comprising of short inspirational talks celebrating silent achievers and innovators from the development and construction sector. Speakers highlight stories of their endurance, breakthroughs and innovations; acting as fuel for inspiration for others.