A desire to go beyond design through design itself- Prashant Chauhan

“A desire to go beyond design through design itself”, urged Prashant Chauhan to take up architecture as a passionate career. Prashant, being an explorer at heart, would “fiddle around” with various presentation techniques. This gave him an opportunity to relate a story to its visual representation. This eventually made him realize his curiosity towards doing multi-dimensional works which would fuse in ideas from more than one fraternity of design.

‘There is a strong will towards lifelong learning process. With every new project you kind of re-invent yourself’, claims Prashant who founded ZERO9 under which brand identity, exhibitions, interiors, architecture services are taken up successfully to explore how boundless design is.

Appealingly, Prashant describes the name of his design studio: Zero has been India’s gift to the world, a whole new beginning to limitless possibilities, which always inspires us to contribute something substantial to the design world. And very interestingly zero and nine are the only two numbers which when added to any digit results into the same number. Only with nine, it transforms into a very creative sum. Hence ZERO9 quickly connected as a beginning of a creative process. Graduated from Rizvi college of Architecture, Prashant did his internship with Ar. Hafeez Contractor, where he learnt the tricks of multitasking. Later he moved to Jeena Shetty as assistant Art director, which exposed him to the dynamic world of Set Design.

Picture8When asked about the diverse services provided by Zero9, Prashant says, “Being truly passionate about visual communications, we at Zero9 even extend ourselves to advertising and exhibitions. Exhibitions are one area which is especially close to my heart as I see it as a synchronization of temporary architecture, interior design and advertising.”

At Zero9, sensitivities translate the client needs to reality by using innovative and state of art mediums like digital art, photography, new-age technology and material analysis. Inspired by life, Prashant intends to generate a sense of opulence in every work they do.

Picture3When asked about the most significant project, Prashant recounts, The Weekend Home.
“Built with maintaining the existing trees and developing the client’s requirements around the trees was our most interesting project till date”. The project was built on a plot with existing 6 trees, 5 palm trees and one mango. The design process initiated with planning along the trees, leaving two foremost palms as a part of the front open space.
Picture4The Mango tree was treated as the retro-fit outdoor seating beneath the tree, retouching the client’s age old memories of an ancestral home. Another Palm being along the indoor Jacuzzi, open to sky, ensuring its natural growth. The fourth palm was wrapped around by a pergola above the verandah. “It was a challenge to keep the existing trees intact and unharmed which we successfully carried out.”


“We create lifestyles and we add cheer to spaces which brings life long memories”, says Prashant by emphasizing on the social impact he wishes to achieve under his organization, Zero9.