“We like to explore the spirit of the project – something that is often hidden behind the functional requirements and project economics”, expresses Rahul Kadam, co-founder of NGK Studio.

NGK Studio, located in Pune primarily works on Master Planning projects, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Design. They also delve into Branding projects and Art Illustrations. The design process at NGK Studio is creative and collaborative. Their  work runs along a path of diverse scales, types and settings.

Here is a feature on the workspace for the global engineering company KSB Pumps in Shirwal designed by The NGK Studio, Pune.

“Our sincere effort has been directed towards establishing a world-class spatial ambiance, employing natural light, texture, color and seamless indoor-outdoor connections. The aim is to inspire end-users to collaborate and co-create excellence within a workspace they genuinely enjoy being a part of” asserts Kadam.

The approach to designing the workspace for KSB Pumps in Shirwal stems from an understanding of cutting-edge concepts and envisioning the workplace of the future. “Our scope was to design all interior spaces, public spaces, the main dome and certain landscapes for two buildings, namely the administration block, the training and guest house block” clarifies Kadam. Both add up to an interior development area of 40,000 sq ft.


Spaces with intermittent use, like meeting areas and shared zones, are strategically placed in the South to act as insulation against heat.

Curved corners create indoor collaborative zones equidistant from workstations. A central landscaped area transforms into a forest garden, serving as an ideation-collaboration space that provides fresh air and oxygen, fostering lateral thinking. Users have the flexibility to work indoors or outdoors throughout the day, depending on the nature of their tasks.

Visitors at the facility are guided through an experience center and then welcomed in a guest lounge designed with a frame creating a feature of nature.

The experience center pays homage to KSB pumps, featuring a four-meter-high signature sculpture. A history wall within the center showcases the global growth of KSB, underlining its position as a premier global engineering company and evoking a sense of nostalgia.

The theme of the graphics is designed to be immersive, providing users with an experience that feels integral to the graphics. It aims to instill a sense of pride of ownership of the facility among KSB team members. Every action in the design is geared towards advancing a holistic Green agenda, ensuring that this project is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Ultimately, the design team’s earnest effort was directed at crafting a workspace for KSB Pumps that is not only warm and motivating but also agile — a place each employee eagerly anticipates visiting daily, despite its distant location, their goal being, to foster collaboration and co-create an environment of excellence.


Client: KSB, (Nuclear Pump Division)

Principle Interior Design and Build Contractor: Shandar Interiors Pvt Ltd, Pune

Interior Design Architects: The NGK Studio, Pune

Building Shell Architects: Architects United, Pune

Landscape Contractor: Sadguru landscapes

Building Shell (civil Shell) Contractor: Dhoot Builders

Photography documentation credits: Mr. Anirudha Karmarkar , ( The Studio23)

Here is the 360 immersive view  link of the facility: