Gender equality leads to Agile Working

When organisations shift the focus from measuring input to measuring employee output and outcomes, things often change for good. When you measure input, you are more worried if the employee is adhering to laid down rules and regulations. When you measure output, all you are bothered about the results and the outcome. This also means that the organisation stops bothering less and less about when an employee is coming in to work, where he/she is working from, how he/she is working from, at what time is he/she checking out. This breeds a culture of agile working, which allows employees the freedom to decide when, how and where one can work from. Mobile technology is the backbone of such a culture. Besides boosting employee morale, such an approach also allows organisations to save much on expensive real estate. It has been seen that adoption of agile working practices, with the right application of technology, can lead to savings upto 50% in real estate costs in large organisations.

In a freewheeling chat, Sudhanshu Vats, Group CEO-Viacom 18, talks about how Viacom 18 has adopted agile working methods. Viacom 18 is one of the world’s leading media conglomerates.

Sudhanshu Vats on Agile Working

Sudhanshu also espouses the need to build diverse organisations and is a firm believer in gender equality. Different people have different needs. Different genders have different needs. When an organisation respects this, it opens up the path towards building workplaces that allow different types of people to ‘feel at home’. This requires a mindset change, as HR policies change to allow people to work from home, allowing remote working and also allowing the design of workplaces that are a blend of different types of places.

Despite his globe trotting schedule, Sudhanshu still finds out time to run daily. That is his ‘me-time’ ; time that he uses to reflect, as the world sleeps. He is a long distance runner, and in this chat with Parthajeet he draws parallels between running and life.

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