Architect Christopher Charles Benninger in conversation with Gallopper

On a pleasant late winter day, we spent half a day on a freewheeling chat with legendary Architect Christopher Charles Benninger and Managing Director Ramprasad Akisetti. It was by far the most insightful chat we have had so far with a man of his stature. Not only is he one of the rare humble ones, but he is witty, sharp and a man so caring about his fellow workers.

India House

We spoke about his thoughts on the future of India, about SmartCities, about ‪#‎MakeInIndia‬ and so much more….and yes, its on video. Watch out for the full video (coming soon) to understand the soul behind the man who has been instrumental behind campuses institutions like CEPT, IIM-C, the Suzlon campus, capital complexes like the one in Bhutan and so much more. Our time spent at his ‘India House’, amidst nature and a team of passionate professionals was an inspiration in itself. Till then, here is a snippet.