Karyam is all about spiritually designed soulful spaces – Anupa Jangbari

“Karyam which means work and to me it means worship”, says Anupa Jangbari who is the founder of Karyam Designs. Anupa initiated her own practice in the year 2010, after gathering over 10 years of work experience. Anupa is an Interior Designer by profession, and completed her academics from SNDT Women’s University (PVP –Polytechnic). While she worked on a variety of projects ranging from nano-apartment spaces to large scale bungalows, office spaces, shops, retail outlets, restaurants etc., Anupa has enjoyed creating details for furniture and doing product designing, almost as much.

Picture3Karyam is all about spiritually designed soulful spaces. Apart from the basics of client requirements and needs, Anupa feels that it is very important to understand the aura, nature and the purpose to create a unique output. Designing and creating something new, with utmost attention – be it spaces, products, furniture, art pieces, accessories etc. are Indian contemporary ideas, based on the rich culture and traditions of the country.

Anupa, being a nature enthusiast, exploring nature has always been breathtakingly exciting and inspiring for her. This has immensely helped her in her profession, as well. Specializing in highly customized design solutions for various purposes, in collaboration with skilled and a reliable team of artisans, contractors, vendors – has been her organization’s forte. Skillful co-ordination, task management, optimized deadlines, keen eye for aesthetics and detailing, have helped her to achieve desired outputs.

Anupa shares her experience of a residential project that Karyam Designs completed recently.Picture2

“The premise is situated amongst a lush green landscape, especially the living room window, overlooking a lovely Gulmohar tree. The double height building lobby, gave us an advantage of being comparatively higher, which also had a benefit of good air circulation”. Since it was a show flat for a developer, Anupa wanted it to be very welcoming and cozy, where the residents would eventually love to live. Nature has been one of the source inspirations. “Timeless interiors”, is what Anupa tried to achieve here.

Picture7For her the Master bed room concept remains a favorite. The headboard wall had structural limitations, as it was a reinforced cement concrete wall which did not permit them to house any electrical services. This restriction gave the team an opportunity to explore innovative solutions. Anupa was glad to be able to offer a solution which was inspired from the “beehive”. The paneling was worked out in a manner that the hexagons would not only be there on the wall, but they were also made a part of the headboard design. The whole color scheme was thus inspired by “honey gold” & evergreen, timeless tones of soothing beiges. That’s where copper mirror worked wonders with velvets and silks which were finally added in the soft furnishings. Especially customized furniture and soft furnishings added glamour.”

Anupa says that, “Every project has a lot of significant moments, stories and episodes of challenges faced during the execution. Most common being, society regulations and neighbor issues, inspite of us trying our best to adhere to most of their norms. We try to deliver hindrance free work, despite various unavoidable factors during the execution phase. However challenges never end, something new always comes up, to keep us on our toes! These have infact helped us in finding alternative solutions and improved team work.”

For Anupa, team work has always been a very important contributing factor for any assignment, and she is very grateful for the support she recieves.