WINGS, a poem by Simran Patankar

Contributed by Simran Patankar, 1st Year Student of Architecture, Dr. Baliram Hiray College of Architecture, Mumbai.

If only I’d have wings to fly,
I would’ve soared high up in the sky.
And travelled to Paris, New York and Dubai
To see their wonders while they’re still alive!
The mesmerising palaces now look bare.
The precious stones snatched away without a care!
Had the king of the palace been still alive,
I absolutely would’ve understood his despair.

Heritage buildings have now become a place
To show love by engraving beloved’s names.
The India Gate, Red Fort and Ajanta Caves,
All have traces of the youth’s disgrace.
The acid rains turning the marble yellow,
I remember when the statue of liberty was a white fellow.
The rising sea level and the melting snow,
The breath-taking Venice city will vanish soon.

If only I had wings to fly everywhere,
I’ll see all the beauty while it’s still there.
Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and Taj Mahal.
Maybe then I’ll have many more things to share!

This article is part of an ongoing series contributed by Students of Architecture as a part of their elective, “Architecture Journalism” curriculum. This is a heartfelt attempt by Gallopper to bridge the gap between academicia and the industry. Readers are welcome to suggest other ways in which we can engage students. Please write to us at