Why work when you can play?

This article has been written by Parthajeet Sarma. He is a Chevening scholar (Oxford University), writer, award-winning innovator and entrepreneur. 15 years out of his over two decades of work experience, has been as an entrepreneur. Set up in 2003, iD…

I have come to a point in life when I only do things that I like doing. One of the things I like is meeting new people. Meeting kids is far more interesting than meeting adults. When you meet kids, the introductions are so very interesting:

  • Hi, I am Jim. I would love to fly like superman.
  • Hello, I am Nikita. I am learning Taekwondo, and I cannot stop myself from practicing it on my sister.
  • Hi, I am Neil. I played football in the rains today.

There are two aspects to such introductions. Firstly it is unrestricted talk. With limited judging and censoring abilities, children speak with a free mind. They are naturally creative with their thoughts. Secondly there is always an element of play or exercise in such instructions. This indicates that creativity is interlinked with play and exercise.

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