The only permanent thing in this World is Change- Sanjay Punjabi

“Don’t follow me – I can’t lead you, Don’t Lead me – I can’t follow you, Just be my companion, as a team, we may collaborate and succeed”, says Sanjay Punjabi who is passionate to explore the challenges in the arena of Built Environment. He completed his Bachelor of Civil Engineering from MS University Baroda and has been part of the Managing Committee of the Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects for the past 7 years.

xxIn 1994, Sanjay Punjabi reached what he considers, the pinnacle of success in his career with the setting up of his own interior solutions firm, Image N Shape.

Sanjay always seeks inspiration from nature. Bio-mimicry, he believes allows his architectural designs to be more energy efficient, structurally sound and also beautiful to behold. From ancient monuments and places of worship to modern skyscrapers and famous landmarks, aesthetically pleasing architecture has long provided inspiration for him.
He agrees that some of the designs are whimsical and fantastic, but there is also a serious scientific impulse. As a designer the more he learns from nature, the more he is able to create designs in harmony with both the natural and built environment.

Due to his multifocal personality, he is steadfast in the execution and demonstrates an exemplary attention to detail. He is tactful to the constraints of both budget and time and responsive to clients’ needs – all – while providing excellent design which is in its most scientific and ethical manner with lot of freshness in it.

cSanjay and his team are sensitive to the impact of technology and design and regularly conduct brainstorming sessions to explore the potential of the industry and document it in the form of shareable content. A2ZBuild e Newsletter a tri-monthly newsletter created by Image N Shape, is dedicated to innovation and creativity in the field of built environment i.e. Construction, Interior Design and Architecture.

It is said, the “Only permanent thing in this world is change” and design is a process to improvise system, object, concept in better way and effect necessary changes.

Technology and creativity have always been his greatest influencers and Sanjay aptly describes Technology as a friendly tool to explore newer dimensions of space planning and detailing.

Contemplating his achievements together with his team, Sanjay signs off saying, “Adopt the ideology of space as the sheltered enclosures of a flexible handkerchief and open your mind to the latent potential in the offing”.