“Do what you can, with what you have and where you are” is the firm belief of Nimitt Karia who has worked with, and on buildings designed by internationally renowned architects such as Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, Wilkinson Eyre, Arup Associates. Nimitt has a broad experience gained on many large scale industrial, commercial, residential, academic and airport projects amassed over 10 years in practice. Until 2005 he had been managing multi million pound projects in the City of London on projects such as Plantation Place, Regent’s Place, Heathrow Airport: Project Iceberg, British Museum: The Great Court.

With a background in Construction Technology and postgraduate studies in Construction Economics and Management, he specialized in effective management of Construction Projects and Firms. He is today a powerful force in the field of Project Management, enhanced by his broad perspective of Strategic Management issues.

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Nimitt’s motto is to provide people a platform where ideas, talents and passion coupled with hard work is well remunerated, well nurtured. He explains that the need of the hour for preparing the building industry for the next big leap is “Introduction of the much needed skill base, along with appropriate tools and techniques for effective project implementation and sensitizing Professional services with proficiency.”  These services according to Nimitt would include Project Management, Cost Consultancy, Design Management and Facilities Management.

Nimitt started ‘Development 2020’, a multi disciplinary development and project management firm in 2005, with prime emphasis on the building industry. Along with his involvement at the micro level for project and construction management for the Development 2020 projects, he is also a visiting lecturer at University College London, Middlesex University London and CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

NK 3An interesting aspect of this organization is their contribution to skill development. They have a Knowledge Centre -The Learning Studio, where they hold regular training programmes for students and professionals on varied topics mainly in Project Management, Cost Management, Strategic Briefing and Facilities Management. These are either in presentation or workshop formats.

Development 2020 leads the way: today it is one of India’s highly recognized and sought after project management consultancy.  The organisation is driven by a vision, based on honesty and integrity, and a passion to be the best in class.