A Candid Video Interview with the Legend, Architect Prem Nath

Premier Architect Prem Nath, established Prem Nath and Associates in 1967 as an Architectural and Interior Designing Firm offering engineering services all over India.

Prem Nath is a cheerful and passionate human being and his demeanor is almost infectious. He has a child-like enthusiasm and passion to think way ahead of his time.  Here is a candid interview with the legend.

Premier Architect Prem Nath, is one of the most celebrated architects of India.  He is the recipient of “Design Legend” felicitation from Society Interiors in 2015 and One of the “Top Architects of the Decade” by CWAB,  “Achievers Award” in Indian Architectural Design Festival, in September 2011, “Best Hospitality Design Excellence Award”, by Construction Source India (CSI),2010, “India’s Top Architects Award – 2008”, by Construction World Magazine, “India’s Top Architects Award – 2007”, by Construction World Magazine among many more.

He was also the recipient of the ‘Life Time Achievement Award‘ by Construction Architecture Update in September, 2013.

Being broadly experienced in eco-friendly and energy efficient building architecture, Prem Nath personally ensures maintenance of the high standards of design from the aesthetic and utility point of view.

Prem Nath
“It is always a pleasure interacting with Architect Prem Nath and his positivity is palpable” – Ar. Sibani Sarma, CEO Gallopper