Architecture combines knowledge from all disciplines : from geology to metaphysics to philosophy

“Together, we develop spaces that are sensitive and contextual, thus evolving a new design language,”  is the philosophy of WEBE Design Lab.

WeBe design lab is a young partnership of 8 architects: Udhya Rajan whose administrative skills are a great asset, Sathish Vasanth, whose digital skills are used in the evaluation and running of technical infrastructure,  Yogesh Chandrahasan a perfectionist, has an eye for detail and model making simultaneously improving the presentation and Illustration for WEBE. Then there is Madhumitha,  who is into programming and planning is her approach and is very particular about research and detailing that goes into every project undertaken. Padmakshi is instrumental in creating an identity and branding at WEBE, Karthikeyan whose first passion is art, he utilizes his artistic talent in graphics and designing new products, Sangeetha Patrick handles projects with her fellow partners, and is also in charge for organizing interactive events at WEBE and finally, Malli Saravanan’s  role is as a ‘Design Researcher’ he intends to achieve a holistic design approach at WEBE who are incidentally all graduates of the School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), Anna University, Chennai.

Their education, as well as professional work exposure that they all derived, including internships, exposed them to not just the practicalities of construction but also the philosophies that most designers grapple with. The eight of them professionally gravitated towards building a strong architectural firm. They would have discussions on their changing perspectives on architecture, the field and the myriad challenges they faced. All conception at WEBE is a result of constant evolution fueled by recurrent discussions and made consummate with criticism and ideas from the whole team. Tadalafil drug

The Anora Resort is their first undertaking in the hospitality sector. Udhya Rajan and Sathish Vasanth were nominated from amongst the other team members to lead this project.


Anora Resort is located on ECR between Mahabalipuram and Puducherry and in close proximity to the sea. The client approached WEBE Design Lab to create a 24 suite resort with a conference hall, a restaurant and a pool. As the site had no physical or visual access to the sea front, they wished to re-create the experience of being on the beach. The catamarans dotting the east coast served as inspiration for the resort. Alprazolam 2 mg

The design is rather site responsive and the structure has been designed around the existing trees on site. The primary feature is an artificial expanse of shallow water that forms the heart of the resort. Each of the suites has their own private viewing deck that recreates the experience of viewing from beached catamarans on the coast.


Through the course of the project, the team endured a range of challenges. Re-creating the water body as the nucleus with suites in a radial configuration around it formed the crux of the design. Persuading the client to deviate from the conventional design approach, to embrace local materials and to accept an environmentally responsive approach took mammoth effort.

But the ultimate challenge was earning the acceptance of the client and realizing the objective on a stringent budget. At the time, although still a very young team, through perseverance and ingenuity, they were able to advance!

Architecture is one of those rare fields that combine knowledge from all discipline, from geology to metaphysics to philosophy. WEBE Design Lab wants to affect change in the collective conscience of design. For them, “design awareness ought to be responsible and experimental at the same time.”