The secret is to Work Less as Individuals & More as a Team- Rajesh Sheth

“Whenever I design a space, I always look into the smallest detail, from the beginning till it’s fully furnished. The accessories that you put must complement the design”, say Rajesh Sheth, who with a notion to introduce exceptional and fresh design to the residential and commercial sectors, laid the foundation for Designer’s Circle in the year 1987.

Designer’s Circle believes in adding a distinctive charm to the space along with a sense of comfort which well defines contemporary living. Well-equipped with a team of qualified individuals, the design firm concentrates on providing the client with a space that is flexible, practical and best fits his budget. The team does not believe that a stylish / Modern interior can only be achieved by expensive furniture and fittings. They persuade their clients to apply more on basic essentials and less on decorative things that can be changed over time. Rajesh prefers working together with their clients and design the interiors according to their lifestyle and budget.

Designer’s circle brings to you one such residential space that exemplifies flawless, contemporary design and takes one through the realms of supreme elegance.
The brief specified by the client was to develop the space provided, that would embrace the family’s lifestyle. The owners being cultured in their progressive tastes sought a space that would be flexible yet aesthetically appealing without compromising on the level of comfort. The strong trust worthy bond which was moulded between the client and the designer gave great impetus to the design flow.

The house radiates with luxury and comfort. The interior palette adopted is monochromatic with a splash of colours.
The front wooden door opens into a charming lobby space crowned with a bright red ceiling. This bright red colour scheme adopted limits the grey hues of the lobby so as to balance out its spatial character. The signature palette of neutrals has been defined in shades of grey, black and silver along with a tint of bright. The grey granite floor finished with a dramatic floor rug stands out as the focal point of the drawing room.

kitchen1The custom designed kitchen space is highly functional with a dash of sophistication. The combination of wood, steel and granite gives the space a modern edge. Facing the wooden island is a row of steel shutters which adds a subtle elegance to the kitchen.

The kitchen further opens out into an informal family lounge and dining area. Reciprocating to this view, the green dining chairs flanked on all four sides of the dining table, help bring in the outdoor ambience owing to its crisp, refined colour and style. The lighting used above the table adds brightness to the dining area.
living room viewAdjoining the dining space is the informal family lounge. The peaceful corner designed with a soft hue lounge sofa nails down as the perfect tête-à-tête spot. The wooden flooring captures the rustic feel of nature, thereby infusing an authentic charm to the space. The siporex floral wall cladding set against the sofa as a backdrop fills the space with a sense of affection and grace.

The creatively designed staircase literally gives one the feel of strolling in the skies. In order to make the internal passage interesting, it ought to have a pleasing element of surprise to it. The internal corridor creates a beautiful link between the personal spaces of the house which includes the family room, the kitchen, the dining as well as the bedrooms on the ground floor. The design for the internal corridor on the first floor takes the client through a series of monochromatic sketches set against the wall. In this way the client is given a small art tour as he walks from one room to another.

The first floor comprising of the gym, the kid’s room, the parent’s room and lastly the master suite have been designed with the similar recurring theme of minimalist splendor.
Master BedroomThe walls of the master suite have been beautifully adorned with hand painted antiques. The full height printed pastel leather wardrobe not only serves the purpose of storage but deems fit as the best backdrop for the centrally positioned bed. The dummy fireplace generates a sense of warmth in the room.

The spacious outdoor courtyard with its lush green lawn, flowering plants and screening trees create the perfect mood for soaking up in the summer sun or enjoying the blissful rains. Various eye-catching elements such as a bird bath, outdoor sculptures and beautifully designed pergolas summarize the client’s perspective of a soothing outdoor space.

Rajesh conveys that, “The best thing about this project is that the design is the reflection of what excites us and allow us to express our individuality. The clean lines of the furniture, minimalist accessories, casually placed art all speak the same language of design. Everything is completely customized and put together with ultimate precision to achieve such mesmerizing Interiors.”