To Inspire creations that turn Dreams to Reality- Milind Pai

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”- Steve Jobs. A true veteran of design, Chief Architect Milind Pai of the firm Milind Pai – Architects & Interior Designers, graduated from Sir J.J. College of architecture in 1987. A perfectionist by nature with an uncompromising flair for innovation, he has been constantly adding new milestones to this firm by propagating values, team work and expertise to every project.

11990397_892955124129808_1837248632775057123_nFor Milind, Design is a passion. Committed to feed his growing appetite for design, Milind has never hesitated in accepting projects in various verticals, as long as there is a design expertise involved at the core. This philosophy has led to the firm becoming a multi specialty, dynamic and energetic interiors solution firm, targeting designs with a holistic approach.
On an individual level, Milind loves to travel, has a huge fondness towards photography and enjoys studying the varied cultures around the world. Milind also has great people skills; socialising and understanding human psychology has an upside too: his social trait has brought the firm much success over the years, in almost 25 cities in India and 3 countries internationally.

Picture1The firm, now 28 years old still represents the prolific young brigade of designers – raring to go, brimming with innovative and compelling ideas, converting challenges into opportunities and excelling in out-of-box design solutions. His basic mantra is to split the space and give a linear simplicity to the structure weaving a pattern for a Modern Décor into the Interiors and the Exteriors.

Gallopper caught up with design whizz, Milind Pai to speak about his striking as well as challenging project; a Row House at Jodhpur.

2The Row House, located in the outskirts of Jodhpur, has a beautiful balance of refined and classy interiors that perfectly reflects the client’s lifestyle. A manifestation of sophisticated richness in colour, texture, innovative design and luxury, this project is way beyond just aesthetics. The client was extremely design conscious and wanted an unusual home. The team was briefed to design the 2763 sq.ft. interior space, keeping the client’s functional requirement, status and budget all in mind. The team had conceptualized a design keeping in mind the occupants, with a mission to enhance the way the people live through great designs with a modern feel and a classy ambience to deliver a sensational masterpiece.

1“The first area to be seen in the house has an exotic welcome with a modern accent which caters to the youthful taste of the client. The living room has a mirror artwork which is the striking element of the whole design and adds to its spaciousness. While more classical elements evoke a feeling of warmth and solidity – appropriate to a family residence : it strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary interiors. The balcony connected to living room has water fountains which creates seamless indoor outdoor connection. The serene statue of Buddha fills the place with sacredness and transforms the whole context from a modern to a traditional ambience. The ambient lighting and the use of alabaster has added to dramatic effect in this area. The stone finished tiles with the custom made vases added to the Jodhpuri touch in this area”, explains Milind.

‘Life within reach’ encapsulates the layout of the kitchen. A series of task based work areas forms the central theme of this area. The TV is en suite in chimney as per clients needs. The dining room is an extension to the living room wherein lighting plays the pivotal role in dividing the two areas and has brown tinted mirror with leather finish backdrop adding to its richness. The worship zone in this area is unique and has its own character”.

hhhhhhh“Relaxing and privacy are what most of us look for in master suit and the master bedroom of the client is the perfect blend of both, along with added aesthetics and lavishness. The kids’ bedroom is a clear contrast to the design as a whole as per the psychology of the child – with the use of bright and energetic colors” reveals the Chief Architect, Milind Pai. ttt“Every human being has a dream to own not only a house but a wholly designed home where a family can live happily and healthily and that can aesthetically and functionally enhance the environment. Milind Pai Architect & Interior Designer has facilitated this into reality with creative and nifty designing and valuable inputs.

One challenge during the project was the reluctant local craftsmen, who did not want to drift away from their traditional style of the motifs. After a great deal of explaining and talk, they finally gave in to the requirement of a modernist touch to the whole design and today it is a masterpiece!

‘To Inspire creations that turn Dreams to Reality’ is an interesting reflection of the firms motto. Milind explains that their approach to interior design goes beyond the accepted standards and enables clients to consider new directions and original solutions that build their identity. “The need to understand every aspect of the clients’ requirement, brand image and spirit is emphasized and translated to their corporate identity and personal lifestyle”, describes Milind as he insightfully signs off.