Design is creating spaces, in which one would intuitively feel at home.

“Design is one’s continuous approach to invent and innovate”, feels Biswarup Deb Roy who established the firm Purple Architecture Pvt Ltd in the year 2010 along with Prashanta Ghosh and a team of 4 associates, Prakash Kumar Sharma the Design Associate , Babin Deb Roy – Site Operations, Sushanta Ghosh – 3D Visualisation, and  Sangjukta Roy – Head Marketing, with operations in Shillong and Guwahati.

Biswarup  says, “With each project we explore new ways to integrate an organizing idea with the programmatic and functional essence of a building. Rather than imposing a style upon different sites and climates, or pursued irrespective of program, the unique character of a program and a site becomes the starting point for an architectural idea.” While anchoring each work in its specific site and circumstance, they endeavor to obtain a deeper beginning in the experience of time, space, light and materials. Architectural transformations of natural materials, such as glass, stone or wood, produce thought and sense-provoking qualities in the experience of a place. Following this approach Purple Architecture is recognized for the ability to shape space and light with great contextual sensitivity and to utilize the unique qualities of each project to create a concept-driven design.

Here’s an interesting project located in Shillong done by Purple Architecture – the mansion portrays the symbiotic relationship between man and nature, perched upon the lush green hills, the building envelopes the interior spaces with undulating waves of wooden ribs canopy over the space to create an enclosed and intimate environment for dining, socializing and entertainment, yet one intuitively feel at home. Starting with the living room, with its big openable window’s amalgamates the nature with that of the living space, one of its distinctive features is the column with spiral strips around it, gradually spreading all over the ceiling recreating the water ripple effect, in a way it binds the entire house into split-levels as one. This flow is reflected in the fireplace as well thus maintaining the continuity.

The dining area leaves no stone unturned to make its presence felt in the house and with the extensive use of glass and mirror reflect the client’s versatile characteristics that she enjoys her rank and file. Each of the bedrooms either opens to huge open balconies, terraces or to the scenic beauty of the area creating a habitable space bonding well, surrounding the elements of nature. The intermediate spaces between each habitable space have interesting features incorporated thus avoiding boredom during the transition.

The bar overlooking the swimming pool outside has been given a very cosy wooden set-up keeping the cold climate in mind. Another interesting feature of the mansion is its prayer room. Located almost at the center of the house, its partition walls have been incorporated in glass with storage/ display racks onto the walls, the drop ceiling and diffused lighting, creating an ambiance apt for prayer services. The gym equipped with all modern facilities, is abundant with full sized windows on both sides, facilitating cross ventilation, thus making the gym a haven of fresh air. Last but not the least the private office cabin in the house equally demonstrates the client’s power and presence in the society.

After all, Design is creating spaces, in which one would intuitively feel at home.