“It is not only about generating business but awareness and possibilities with Bamboo which we have forgotten over the time – like a Return to Innocence“ urges the co-founders of Bamboooz. This is the concept which is the genesis of the firm.

Bamboooz previously known as Ken and Bamboooz has been founded by two civil engineers, Indrani Mukherjiee and Samrat Saha having 15 years of experience in conventional construction.  After working for different MNCs the hidden desire for green and renewable solution to all structures was responsible for the formulation of this start up. Over the years Bamboooz has been responsible for various types of bamboo construction in India.

The founders being engineers, Bamboooz was formulated to come up with technologies of building construction, product development, joineries, treatment processes, etc. of bamboo as a building material and put to use in such a way that it is acceptable worldwide. In case of structures, Bamboooz takes into account the need and purpose of the structure from the client. They also look techniques into the environment where they are building: the structure which inspires with innovative design.

Every structure is unique and the different styles of each type of bamboo poles supporting the other – both as a tension and compression member – gives a wide choice to play with the design ensuring each structure comes in a different look, shape and design.

At Bamboooz studio, they study the different styles of tribal indigenous design and pattern in their daily lives. They try to blend the different styles of binding, curves and cuts and then mix them with modern finishes, whereby a unique design is created each time.

One of Bamboooz’s flagship project was designing and executing the bamboo car parking structure at Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru (IIM B) campus in the Year 2014-15. Bamboooz was the implicator for the entire structure in the form of design, built and transfer model.

The foundation being very nominal for the entire structure, the members were designed as tension members with modern joineries and finished with UV resistant wood coat. Bamboo corrugated roofing sheets were used for the roof. The floor of the parking lot was finished with sand filling and interlocking paver tiles in a very conservative manner.

The total energy consumption for the entire structure is 3-4hrs of drilling and half an hour of sanding. Bamboo construction locks the CO2 and uses 1/1000th times the energy consumed in conventional construction. The structure can be aptly called as “Zero-Carbon Structure”

“Bamboo gives us an open lee-way in design” opines Indrani, the co-founder of Bamboooz.