We love what we do – Shraddha Kamath & Prachi Mathur

“We love what we do; we are truly passionate about architecture and design to develop every project with our uttermost dedication”. That is the mantra for the Architect duo Prachi Mathur and Shraddha Kamath, who started Tangram.

Tangram is a fresh and motivated team of architects based out of Bangalore. In 2016, the studio was founded with the belief that design serves as a bridge to connect nature, culture and people to strive for a better quality of living. Each design transforms a collage of influences into architecture that is beautiful and layered with meaning, but also welcoming—spaces and landscapes where people want to hang out.

By drawing perspectives from various sources like everyday walks of life, eclectic expertise, Indian culture, pop culture, art; the designer duo seek fundamentals in architecture and to interpret and integrate them into one diverse design-language.

Tangram specializes in design and realization of built environments and collaborates on a range of projects that scale from brand identity of commercial & retail spaces to hospitality and corporate environments, working closely with clients to develop creative solutions responsive to location and user experience, while experimenting with materials and graphics to provide durable contemporary designs.

Here is a Project Feature of workspace interiors for Tangram’s client, Moback Inc., having an  area of 5,000 sft. The project was recently completed  and the design team for this project was Shraddha Kamath and Vidhyaa Bhaarathi.

The office space designed for Moback Inc., an AR/VR technology company is entirely focused towards an open plan providing utmost social interaction.  This was a short-duration project, of about a month including design and execution.  The outcome is of course quite astonishing.

In the words of the designer this is a “simple design with intense content”. The concept revolves around a beaming color scheme countered by subtle furnishings.

The workspace, designed for an inquisitive team of professionals needed to put forth a strong character and yet be minimal in the design approach. To add to this trait, linear light fixtures with a pristine white body illuminate the area; the workstations being of the same color scheme, alongside brightly colored dividers. This whole set up beams contrastingly against the dark grey ceiling. A bold attribute that adds positively to the design was the air conditioning duct that runs throughout the space, complementing the ceiling.

A lounge space, a pantry and a recreational area has been integrated to develop the other half of the floor plate, based on the theme – Relax – Eat – Refresh – Collaborate. The lounge has a combination of bean bags and footrests for comfort.

The feature wall has been based on the concept that the design is for a technology-based company, which, also operates from San Francisco, California. Hence, the abstract map developed with the color scheme of the company alongside two minimal wall clocks depicting the time-zones of each of its branches. A continuation of this is an abstract design and two minimal paintings that complete the wall as a whole.

The pantry stands out with its box like feature and its bright lemon-yellow aspect. The counter has vertical flutes that are constantly evolving against a few horizontal lines, breaking monotony, colored grey. This was inspired from the good old concept “notably vintage with the right amount of tweaking”.

The seating of vermillion red, has been chosen from the color palette of the logo. The walls have custom made paintings of healthy eatables, consciously adding to the lifestyle of the young team of users. Light fixtures of this space, evolves from three sets of simple linear lights forming a pattern, to dome lights to three pendant lights above the counter adding to the vibrancy of the design. 

The floor above is more of a cordial area which includes a conference room, the chairman’s room and the workstations. One additional space to be designed here was the AR/VR Experience center. Starting from the waiting space, an oversized bulb hung from a black wire in the niche that was created in the reception back wall that truly making a design statement.

Photo Credits: Ram Kishore

The conference room has an angled corner overlooking the busy roads. Hence, in this niche three pendant lights were added as a combination, placed above a few indoor plants. This setup is visible right from the road during the evening hours, eventually drawing attention from passers-by. The room has a concealed linear light that supports the design ideology of the entire office. This stands against a grey tile carpet and a strong furniture setup.

Overall this project stands as an epitome of individuality and outlook definitely turning out to be bold & creative.

Tangram can be reached on the following handles:

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