Unleashing your Innovative Potential – A must-attend workshop

Gallopper and Ambuja Foundations present a workshop meant for construction industry professionals on Aug 14 at the Ambuja Innovation Centre in Mumbai. The workshop is aimed at making teams and individuals break pre-set moulds of thinking and also about training one’s own mind to think differently. The background of this session is the fact that our individual knowledge-base is built, based on our life experience and exposure to information, which is unique.
Our thinking and reacting patterns are also unique. When we do problem solving (or strategizing) in a group , some effective techniques can help us make better decisions and generate more novel and meaningful ideas.
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Outline of the session:
1. The here and now : The mind needs to be calm to perform to its best capacity.
2. What is Innovation? What is Creativity? Am I creative ? – Self discovery through exercise and discussion
3.Team Creativity – Dynamics and Best practices ( This is learning through group games and exercises) . Techniques that allow you to think differently and create business impact
4.  Enhance group potential: Collective Innovation and the Leader’s Role
5.  A. Challenges in the Infrastructure space
     B. An introduction to the role of Technology in the Infrastructure space
The course is essentially a combination of Slides, Experiential Learning and exercises and games so that learning happens in a relaxed , fun  environment. This makes assimilation of knowledge easy and automatic.
Reena Dayal Yadav
Reena Dayal Yadav

The workshop will be conducted by Reena Dayal, who is an innovation expert, having been part of a top Indian IT corporation for over 2 decades. She is a Chevening scholar from Oxford University and also the Chairperson of SNIA India. She is an expert on Innovation Management, Change Management and Integration, Culture of Innovation; a Technologist, an author and a regular speaker at industry forums. She has been responsible for setting up Innovation Functions within organizations, creating a stronger culture of Innovation and driving Innovation results. Her bestseller book “Innovation Magic- The science and art of Innovation Management ” has been on the Hot and new Bestsellers list on Amazon during May, June and July 2015.


4.00 pm to 4.20 pm : Registration
4.20 pm to 6.00 pm : Session 1
6.00 pm to 6.20 pm : Coffee & networking break
6.20 pm to 8.00 pm : Session 2
8.00 pm to 9.00 pm : Networking Dinner


For details contact us on gallopper@gallopper.com or call on +91 98212 46727