Freedom of Expression through Art and Design – Rajan Bhatt with The Mool Foundation

“Giving due credit for my Design learning to the best of the Design Schools that I went to, I would like to share that my maximum understanding of design keeps coming from – the places I visit, the streets I walk on or ride my bicycle on, the people I meet and from their experiences that they share and of course my constant companion – my camera, which I frequently use and capture moments and visuals which I revisit time to time,” expresses Rajan Bhatt.

BW-RBRajan Bhatt, having spent his early years in Jaipur, did a degree in Architecure from the famed Sir, JJ College of Architecture in Mumbai, following which, he went on to do an M.Arch in Industrial Design from the prestigious School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) in Delhi.

In 2003 Bhatt founded Bezel Designs and Communication Pvt. Ltd., a design house where designers, architects, engineers and managers work seamlessly, integrating the fields of spatial, communication and environmental design. They have a well equipped studio with complete facilities for end-to-end design solutions. They are driven by a passion for excellence driving them to improve and innovate in all areas and every stage of design development while staying abreast with the latest in technology to ensure consistent high quality work.

“I am ready to learn, explore and experiment all the time using my imagination with any of the creative mediums that I can lay my hands on and I do not discriminate between any of the creative fields and firmly believe that experiencing and exploring them all continually, whenever and wherever I get a chance to do so – helps me come up with sensible design,” reflects Bhatt.Bezel 1 Bezel 2

Combining the diverse experience of the team members, Bezel Designs and Communications has a mixed bag of offerings in the field of design and build services, such as:
• Spatial Design – Architecture, Interiors & Furniture
• Communication Design – Sign Design, Graphics
• Environmental Design – Street furniture, Coverings, Landscaping
• Exhibition Design – POP Displays, Kiosks, Set Design, Corporate Exhibitions

Mool Gate

In 2014, Rajan Bhatt founded The Mool Foundation, an interactive platform for visual and applied arts. The name ‘Mool’ is a living tribute to his Late Father, Mr. Y. K. Bhatt, who was an architect, planner, artist, sculptor, photographer, traveller and a thinker, whose life and work displayed an uncanny ability of always getting to the fundamental (root) issues around any problem, idea, thought or action.

‘Mool’ is a Hindi word that roughly translates to root, essence, fundamental, basic. What’s interesting to note is that the foundation is located in a beautiful house in Jaipur, built by Late Mr. Bhatt for himself to live in, which now functions as a space and a forum to promote and bring together architecture, design and various forms of creative art.

Event 2

The Mool Foundation is a space that provides opportunities to artists to showcase their work, interact with their peers, teach their craft and draw inspiration from others. It also provides opportunities for the public at large to participate and engage with the evolving world of visual and applied arts.

Event 1

It is impressive to note that the series of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and panel discussions organized by The Mool foundation have created unique opportunities for visitors to view, experience, discuss, and interpret innovative as well as historic art and design ideas and practices. Visitors to the foundation get a chance to participate in diverse programs and exhibitions in ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, architecture, industrial design, graphic design, interior design and decorative art.


The Mool Foundation offers state of the art gallery display and LED based illumination system,landscaped greens for the display of sculptures, street furniture etc. and semi open paved display area, besides island fixtures and shelves for products and sculpture display and audio visual facility for digital displays and presentations.

Event 3

Today the foundation is frequented by visitors ranging from academicians to writers, expatriates and high profile socialites, artists, architects and designers, making it a great place for art lovers, and connoisseurs of art.

Bhatt firmly believes in the statement by the design visionary – Walter Gropius, “Art and Design play an important role in the way we live, work and play.”

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