“A painter yes but a color consultant?” one queries warily. Ashmi Waghela by profession an Interior designer, color consultant and decor stylist, says her art and paintings are not just for visual delight, mental pleasure or even thought but designed to heal, to induce calm and develop positive vibes. Art being Ashmi’s passion since childhood she has realized that any painting may bring joy, perhaps sorrow or at least simple, indifferent observation. Her work is designed specifically to not only appeal physically or emotionally but to engage the individual into a powerful realization of a soothing reality that we all long for. She heals through her paintings and helps others heal when they paint with her. “I do color therapy through art and colors.” Very open to sensory experience, she uses music and aromas alongside the paintings. She is truly like the rainbow!

She speaks of her work; this is purely the mood of the moment with shades of colors giving larger than life feeling. Every painting has a different story to tell with various characteristics, patterns and color schemes making them look full of life. Her paintings are more representative, figurative or even abstract. “My paintings are my visual mirrors”.

yhththExtension to her vision, she has introduced a new line of hand made products with the Go Green concept made out of ropes, wood and jute. Namely wall clocks, coasters, mats, shoulder bags, sling bangs, clutches, key holders and so on. Ashmi has not only succeeded for herself, her paintings have almost literally flown off the walls into buyers’ arms. She has put up her work in many exhibitions and have received great responses from her buyers.

This is her journey from being an Interior Designer to color consultant, to a family person, to free lancing art-work and finally becoming an artist who depicts the elements of life.

Colors, she said, are like nourishment and they balance us. When we gaze at them different energies are absorbed. Ashmi wants her work to keep giving joy and healing to the space it inhabits.” There are perhaps two types of painting: the creative type is only for eyes and the therapeutic is for gently healing and making whole. She adds, “The imaginative mind travels freely and one becomes aware of the power and grandeur that controls our existence. She proudly signs off her paintings by the name “Aasmaa”, as she believes “Sky is the Limit”.

One can buy Ashmi’s abstract creations exclusively here.

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