Never Nine, Where art meets function- Rajesh Sheth

”Our aim is to create a space that is balanced – beautiful and functional, contemporary and timeless, simple and clever, sensual and practical”, opines Rajesh Sheth who with a notion to introduce exceptional and fresh design to the residential and commercial sectors, laid the foundation for Designer’s Circle.

Picture1Designer’s Circle was formed with the intention of bringing high quality interior design to the residential and commercial marketplaces. With a focus to create spaces that enhance their clients business, Sheth prefers working in close collaboration with clients. The long-term corporate goals of each individual client are considered in providing flexible and functional solutions. Designer’s Circle excels in effective quality, timeless environments, which perform.

Designer’s Circle shares with Gallopper, their project Never Nine where art meets function.

“A showroom dealing in men’s wear located in the hustle and bustle market area of Ahmadabad was not an easy task to appeal”, says Rajesh. Keeping it spacious and organized – where all areas integrated into one – was the main challenge of the project. To be able to enhance the interior space to the designated intention and working its functionality, every material selected was carefully considered and studied by the team, in order to keep a well balance feel.

55Cemented flooring, burnt timber, rugged leather and oxidized aluminium sheet associated with the rhythmic pattern of brick arches – constructed through warm light and vintage treasures gave the ambience, desired by the client.

“Lighting became an important decorative element. For example, in the main space, hung vintage bran pulley lamps above the reception desk and Vintage Spoke Wire Wheel lamp in the corner of the waiting area gave the space an enhanced look. Whereas the wooden bead pendant lights are hung above the display tables”.

Picture2What catches the eyes of the visitor upon the arrival, is the skilfully designed showroom where the British Flags ottoman and Oxford Senior Sofa depict Western fashion of Men Wear and relates to the origin of Denim.

8“We do not believe that a modern interior can only be achieved by expensive furniture and fittings. We persuade our clients to apply more on basic essentials and less on decorative things that can be changed over time. We work together with our clients and design their interiors according to their lifestyle and budget”, says Rajesh.