Evolving with ever changing time and environment – Matai Associates

“In these fast changing times, the desire to keep abreast, requires exploration and understanding of emerging trends in all walks of life. Architectural Design has to address the spatial, physiological and technical needs of the users/consumers in this multi-cultural environment. Our desire and attempt is to, constantly, excel, improvise and innovate, with all the available resources – to create environments which can establish new standards. The responsibility of our profession demands accountability, not just to our users orconsumers, but also to the society at large. Every project has its unique requirements and context and the response to each has to be equally unique. We hope our attempts contribute in some purposeful way in creating balanced environments.” expresses Ar. Vijay Matai, the lead at Matai Associates.

Matai Associates is in practice since the last 35 years, and they strive to explore an improvised approach to innovative architectural and urban design solutions to create an appropriate response to a site, developing forms that are functional, affordable, environmentally responsible and socially inclusive. The Firm is headed by Ar. Vijay Matai and Ar. Vineet Matai.

Vijay Matai did his B.Arch from MSU, Baroda and Post Graduation from Architectural Association. With a vast experience of 35 years in practice and teaching, he presently heads the Architecture Department at MSU, Baroda.

Vineet Matai has completed his B.Arch from SVIT, Vasad and  Post Graduation from ELISAVA School of Design-Barcelona. With a just couple of years in practice he adds the youthfulness and vibrancy to the firm.

Matai and associates shares with Gallopper their project, Purandare Farm.

Located in the outskirts of the Cultural City of Vadodara, surrounded by lush-green farmlands, Purandare Farm is purely a plotted development where in comprehensive infrastructure for recreational and social activities have been created.

The clients brief was to create multi-purpose spaces with sporting activities and social and cultural gathering spaces. The vision was to develop the site in a way that it would be environmentally sensitive and in harmony with the surroundings. The natural features of the site were adapted in the design. Spatial layout was planned to complement the contours which resulted in creating a central water body around which the built environment was created so that the two could become an integral part of each other.matai3

However there is an hierarchy of spaces with the main deck area closest to the lake and the other functional spaces around it having a clear visual and physical connection and response to the lake. The planning was done where interpenetration of spaces and porosity of spaces created natural airflow and comfort conditions.matai-2

One of the interesting features of the design is the Infinity Pool facing lake and seems to be an extension of it.


The exteriors have been planned proportionately, where the voids and the masses create a visual panoramic experience of spatial hierarchy. The indoors and the outdoors blend in a simple structural set-up. A combination of exposed brick walls and the free-standing circular columns, support the sloping roof. The use of these basic materials and simple spatial planning of spaces has led to the creation of a sustainable environment.

Ar. Vineet Matai closes, “We believe as Architects, it is important to design spaces that are dynamic to adapt, respond and evolve with ever changing time and environment. Hence this requires a lot of preparation in terms of research and learning for every project as it is a reflection of our constantly evolving cultural and social needs.”picture7