Blending Philosophy with Design- Himani Anand

“Design to me is the simplest mix of Form and Functionality and the inspiration for this is everywhere,” expresses Himani Anand, an Interior Designer from New Delhi. Interior designing was not her first choice for a profession: rather, it was Philosophy. Himani believes that there is a great relationship between Design and Philosophy which makes it easy to blend both, while working on each independent project.

Having worked as an Interior Designer for over 7 years, she has had the opportunity to work on a variety of Residential and Commercial Spaces like Hotels, Restaurants, Spas and Retail Stores.
Nature being one of Himani’s biggest inspirations, she believes every place has something unique and beautiful about it. “Design needs to be connected to its environment, which further helps to balance out the third most important element of Design – the cost,” she continues.
When asked about her best project, she comments that every project has its own challenges and specific requirements. Her best project was one for a residential space located in Vasant Kunj in Delhi. The client’s brief was that they wanted to create a space which was unique in terms of the design and materials used, and yet very functional as it would entertain all age groups as guests in the house.

The focus while planning the project was to keep it very trendy and stylish, at the same time elegant: along with high end materials used for designing details. To start with, Himani used a simple and elegant cream white beautifully finished wall and ceiling with well planned recessed lights. She designed the space in such a way that each area was open as well as defined for the purpose it was designated. The highlight in each area was the beautifully crafted furniture with different kind of specialized work as per the concept of each room. The formal drawing room theme was luxurious with exclusive horn detailing in the accent pieces. The main coffee tables had bison horn detailing on the top of the tables as main accent pieces.Picture3

The biggest challenge in the project was to accommodate all the requirements of each of the 4 family members considering the fact that they were from different age groups. Creating exclusive designs and sourcing materials by not replicating them and finding the right team to execute the same, were some of the circumstances that were tackled by Himani during the project.

Picture 2Himani zealously believes the end goal is always to create a space that makes the client proud and comfortable in his own house and to give him what is latest in terms of design and fashion. “The idea is always to create something that is unique yet uncomplicated”, closes the Designer , Himani Anand.