Delivering Crisp Cool Projects – Aijaz Hakim

“The strength of our work lies in a very modern and non-conformist approach to the profession, as is evident in our projects. A hallmark of our work is always a clean, crisp coolness to the project,” says Aijaz H. Hakim who as Principal of AHA (Aijaz Hakim Architect), brings over 20 years of comprehensive experience.

AHA was founded in Pune, India in 1994. It is a multidisciplinary firm that has completed a broad range of projects in architecture, landscape and interior design. Aijaz, brings his vast experience in International and Domestic design, which includes dealing with timely deliverables, and exacting international quality standards in an effective framework along with hands on project experience.

Aijaz HakimFollowing his graduation from Academy of Architecture in Mumbai, and a brief stint as assistant Architect at Deepak Mehta Architect, Aijaz Hakim pursued his Masters in Architecture from the University of Colorado, USA.  He returned to India after working with Cabell Childress Architects, Colorado, Johannes Van Tilburg & Partners, Los Angeles and at Altoon & Porter Architects, Los Angeles. On his return, he worked with Karan Grover & Associates, Baroda among others.

The Pune office of AHA was started in 1994 to provide efficiency and service to projects in this region. Since that time they have successfully executed numerous projects from this studio. At AHA, Aijaz is responsible to provide leadership on local knowledge and adaptation for architecture, and interior design. Together with his team, he delivers cost effective construction and design solutions. Their projects encompass a vast range of types, namely Residential, Commercial, Recreational etc.

Aijaz travels extensively, his interests are diverse and is unapologetic about his love for rock music and his collection of electric guitars.

Aijaz Hakim Architect shares with Gallopper their project, ‘Peacock and the woods’ located at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra having a Built up area of 20,000 sq. ft.

4. Pool and Lawn [West] 1

The project is situated on a flat site within Ahmednagar city and envisioned as a home having expansively treated spaces defined by linear parallel walls overlooking landscape on all sides.

2. West Elevation (1)The plan has been kept simple and yet dynamic, with oscillating volumes as one goes from one room to another. The theme has been carried over in the interior which reflects the dramatic personality of the clients arising in a series of vibrant and charismatic living areas.

This four level house has five bedrooms spread over roughly 20,000 sq. ft. plus an outhouse containing two bedrooms. Fenestrations on the south side are restricted to comply with the ancient principles of vastushastra, which infact has dictated the positioning of all the rooms.

5. Master Bedroom

The entrance is stately and deeply inset from the main road with a circular corbelled driveway to maximize privacy. A triple height informal living area acts as a pivot around which all other living areas have been arranged. This central living area is open on two sides to landscaping and is flooded with natural light owing to which all transitions from the different spaces within the house feel light and airy.

5. Patio - Water Feature [South] 1

The entire house embraces technology, to enhance its environmental performance, and all active systems run on automation making the use of lighting and appliances efficient. The house has integrated AV systems operated individually by IOS gadgets.

3. Pool and Spa [West] (1)

AHA believes in taking selected projects based on the interest of the client and scope of work. They design to express the aspirations of a proud community and achieve spaces to please the spirit of citizens and the city.