‘Our aim is to create places people love’: Evodia Alaterou

According to Evodia Alaterou, senior associate design strategy leader for … Physical workplace design is probably one of the most tangible tools an …

According to Evodia Alaterou, senior associate design strategy leader for HASSELL, has led the development of design strategies for some of Australia’s largest projects including Sydney Theatre Company, McKinsey, and SEEK.

You have said: “Increasing the size of our team not only allows us to deliver more, but it broadens and expands the wealth of experience and knowledge the team possesses. Great design starts with great strategy, and great strategy starts with people.”. In this age of increasing technology and automation, how can firms reconcile that trend with what you have found? Is this something that only larger firms could do?

Our aim is to create places people love, and in order to learn what people love, you need to spend time with them, getting to know them, and knowing how they operate.

People activate places, they bring places to life, and they create energy, atmosphere, vibrancy and love. A beautiful place that is not being used is just a beautiful place. A beautiful place with people in it, enjoying and loving being there is potentially life-changing.

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