Understanding the Science behind Performance at Work | A 10-min talk

When organisations hire people, they are essentially hiring a network of brains. Like a network of computers, it is crucial to understand how the brain works and what can be done to keep it in a state that allows high performance. Performance at an individual level as well as within a team. Understand the science behind it all, in a relatable, easy-to-understand way. Hear it from someone that has been researching the knowledge worker mindset for many years and benefit from her access to 20 years of academic research.

Karen Plum is the director of research and development at Advanced Workplace Associates, the pioneer in the domain of Workplace Transformation. Hosted by workplace strategist Parthajeet Sarma.

These are 10-min talks and NOT webinars. These sessions do not require webcams and mics to engage. Once you register, you will receive YouTube, Twitter and other links where you can ‘watch’ the short talks and interact live with Karen via chat, while she responds over live camera.