A BIG Thank you from Founder Sibani Sarma

A BIG thank you to the Speakers, Panelists, Sponsors, supporters and guests at Gallopper Talks 2018. I had never dreamt that my baby, Gallopper would grow up to give me such pride. I am completely overwhelmed just observing and absorbing the positive feedback that the Talks have received. I did just that the last couple of days as the shout outs got bigger and better every passing hour. I now feel like the Director of a mega blockbuster!!

The Panel discussion, Meet the Millenials was a first timer and I was very nervous of its outcome. The Panelists held the audience captive as much as the Speakers did. Kudos to the millennials Radhika Dhekne, Suneet Pansare, Janhavi Kulkarni. Prof. Harshit Desai your comfort of being around millennials was evident. You brought out the best in them.


Christopher Benninger Sir. Your active participation in the entire programme added so much value to the discussions and the Talks. You created magic which I will cherish forever.


Ar. Vikram Shah, I thank you for your beautiful and haunting piece of music.


We could have never done this without Ramprasad Akkisetti who readily agreed to speak and spent precious time giving me tips to make the programme a success. I cannot thank you enough for the support of CCBA in helping spread the word among other things. Gautam Tewari, both you and Trezi enthralled all of us who were listening to you. You represented the future as much as did the millenials.


Shravan Bendapudi I believe your Talk was truly profound and I am sure will remain in people’s minds for a very long time.



Rachna Vora, ResQRooms your stage presence was just super. You managed to take the audience on a roller-coaster ride just with your words.


Sabu Francis Sir, the Walking Encyclopedia as I like to think of you: you can actually put an encyclopedia to shame with the vastness and depth of your knowledge. Your talk was just as immersive!


Parthajeet Sarma!! My Partner. My strategist among so many other things….Words fail me here. You held on from the time we decided to go this together. You floored the audience with your wit, knowledge and presence of mind. I can never Thank you enough.

Team Creaticity. I must thank Mr. Pranay Vakil and Mahesh M for your faith in us. Sam a special mention for your ever arching support (way beyond the call of duty). Ajay for the marketing efforts and for putting me in touch with Priya Dhawan at LinkedinLocal Pune. Priya, I enjoyed every interaction with you, Priya and thank you for filling up the amphitheater with the most engaging audience we have ever had.

I must thank Mr. Ashwin Moge, Supreet and Mahesh from UltraTech Cement for the support and for giving us the creative freedom and to conduct the programme the way we felt best.

Thank you to Grover Zampa Vineyards, with special mention of Shibani and Asavari for delighting the guests with the great wine at the networking session.

Some of the guests who desrve a special mention are Ar. Kamlesh Sheth, Ar. Bobbie Vijayakar and Ar. Shabbir Sabuwala for your continuous support.


Team MIT thank you for the beautiful clicks.

Thank you Deepak Patil for being the Man Friday at Gallopper.

And finally thank you each and everyone who attended Gallopper Talks.


It is our continuous endeavour to share thoughts and ideas of people with great minds with people of great minds!! We celebrate each one of you who have been a part of our journey!!

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