Dance and Architecture are bound together for Rama Sane

“Any idea which is logically channelized with respect to its space is a positive design,” opines Rama Sane, an Architect and a Bharatnatyam Dancer.

Rama follows her passion for performance with a creative outlook. She shares her views on not only the co-relation between Dance and Architecture, she is also in a conversation, on her experience of having studied advanced Architecture and practiced in the West.

After her architectural graduation in Pune, Rama completed a post-graduation in Architectural Design from the University of Sydney, Australia. She worked for ten years with different architectural firms in India and abroad until she became independent in 2012. Besides her Architectural practice, Rama continues to indulge in her passion for Bharatnatyam, the Indian classical dance form and performs in stage shows.

Her Design practise, i concepteurs  is a Pune based firm for architectural and interior designs and research. They are engaged in various corporate and residential projects in Pune Mumbai and Nasik. At i concepteurs ethical, inspiring, innovative and practical architecture is produced that is of an international standard. Each design project, large or small, is approached with the same level of professional integrity and creative flair.

Rama Sane also writes blogs and write ups about interior design. Her writings and designs stress the need to create meaningful, vital, and inclusive spaces that enhance community, with special attention to the essence of a particular locale, geography, and culture.

For Rama understanding and exploring new materials or ideas and constantly experimenting them is an experience; and therefore at i concepteurs “we develop experience.”

You can reach Rama Sane at