New-age design science “Interionics” – Architect Arpit Shah

Architect Arpit Shah completed graduation from LS Raheja School of Architecture and having equal footing in creativity  and  self explored contents of quantum physics like principles & theory of subtle fields & theory of resonance, his world view is a synthesis of many fields, & is both holistic & scientifically oriented. Through 9 years of research he ventured beyond the traditional use of shapes & design principles of Buckminister Fuller into the experimental study of their objective subtle energy effects.Architect

ArpitArpit Shah has been able to discover new  and fascinating phenomena.  With bits & pieces of information that finally fitted  together like a jigsaw puzzle and culminated in the birth of a new  age design science “Interionics”

Interionics Design science defines aspects of nature that most impact ones satisfaction with the built environment and focuses on improving the fundamental ways people interact with the interior environment to elevate the quality of life in homes, corporates, health care, education and hospitality segment. It is linked with mind-body systems i.e Cognitive, Psychological, Physiological. It articulates the relationships between nature, human biology and the built in design.

Interionics focuses on exploring the working functionality of human body system comprising of neurology, endocrine system, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system etc., to list some and meticulously combines with the process of design, creating spaces that are inspirational, restorative, healthy, integrative along with functionality of space. It provides people opportunities to live and work in healthy spaces with less stress and greater overall health and well-being.

What can Interionics Change?

Different implementations of Interionics design principles in different areas can help one to :

  • Strengthen attention, focus, learning, memory, creativity
  • Gain greater control of behavior, emotions, and racing thoughts
  • Brighten and stabilize mood and deal with past traumatic experience
  •  Improve sleep, appetite and other physical functions
  • Overcome chronic pain and fatigue conditions
  • Improve your ability to stay in “the zone” and perform at ones peak

Here is a feature on a project of an exclusive residence based on the principles of Interionics.  The energy auditing of spaces analyse the intrinsic responsive aspects of the built-in environment, impacting human biological system. It reflects the fundamental ways people interact with the interior environment and their response to counter the daily life scenarios at all levels.

Living 1

LIVING ROOM : Designing a Living space through Interionics design concept crafts the space with ceiling woven with fabric textured wallpaper, creating gradation effect combining with rhythmic alternation of wall paneling, thereby fostering the brain neurotransmitters with comfort and relaxation especially avoiding morning sluggishness. Concept of bubble wall with tall standing cylindrical tubes with flashing led lights enables people to come together in one space to enjoy some communal time. The symbolic geometric mandala signature embedded on TV panelling with the geodesic dome with hexagonal table top balances the restlessness and anxiety.


DINING/PUJA AREA : We find scientific ways to help continue to find meals more than just an opportunity to eat,  through the concept of Interionics. Designing the dining space through Interionics design concept crafts the space with grand photo art panels of table top and seaters depicting abstract cosmic vibration art that completely nurtures the lymphatic system to nourish the food by correcting the stress and digestive imbalances. Combining this with the ceiling panel – designed with abstract geometry inspired from an ancient heritage – enables people to come together, celebrate important milestones, share experiences and create new understandings. Designing the Puja area through Interionics design concept crafts the space with copper ring jhula mandir with backdrop of backlit panel engraved with rain shower of flowers on idol with either side of geometric wallpaper panels increasing the level of chemical secretion of brain neurotransmitters regulating blood flow through arteries, contributes to learning and high cognitive functioning, reinforces behaviour.


KITCHEN: A well planned Kitchen space using Interionics concept is crucial to gaining an efficient, enjoyable space. Designing a kitchen through Interionics design concept fuels the bodies, minds and souls to regulate consciousness and regulates spatial position in order to facilitate balance and co-ordination.

Bed 2

BEDROOM: Designing a bedroom through Interionics design concept crafts the space with elegant round bed with tufting layering the backdrop of tufted headboard with art enriched custom designed geometric wallpaper combining with diagonal and circular profile of lights provides a peaceful haven to rejuvenate at the end of the day thus balancing the brain neurotransmitters to provide greater relaxation, willingness to trust, general psychological stability, helps regulating blood flow through the arteries. Admist stands the focal point of photo art wall circular panels combining with parallel lines of rope wire with alternate vertical bands helps regulate mood and social behaviour, sleep, memory, reduces stress response and general anxiety.


MASTER BATH : Designing a Master bath through Interionics Design concept crafts the space that completely nurtures the people using the interior environment by adding artificial lush green wall along with combination of backlit slate stone wall panels in shower cubicle spreading the floor with loose pebbles combining with silver lining otta stone floor altogether influencing immune system antioxidant activity and balances the calcium level within the blood to provide balanced distribution of oxygenated blood to all parts of body.


GARDEN: A garden design is a great way to learn about the symbolic language of nature. Designing a Garden through Interionics Design concept crafts the space with waterfall cascades where the sound of running water aids in diminishing depression, increase mental clarity, greater emotional stability and an overall sense of well-being combining with dazzling stary ceiling which fills the space with magnetism and stillness. Adding the earthy essence with chips of terracotta & mosaic flooring with broken pieces of bottles embedded in concrete pathway combining with alternate bands of artificial grass & sea sand with radial rhythmic patterns of colourful glass marbles completely nurtures the people using the space with inspiration, action & assertiveness. Lippan art finds a pride of place in form of wall art with some eye-catching geometric patterns.

Once the functional aspects are met, layering in the surface textures with subtle aspects of art enriches and fill the souls of my clients with deep gratification. This design technique will make their lives better and their contributions to their families, friends and work more meaningful.