Where were you when ‘Eureka’ happened?

Do you remember the last time the spark of an idea popped up in your head? That Eureka moment? Do you remember where you were when that happened? Chances are high that you were NOT sitting on a work desk, working on your computer.

More often than not, great ideation happens in the space in-between work. Compared to 10 years back, humans today are dealing with more right-brained, creative work; whereas the left-brained, logical work has been automated, or taken over by machines.

Such right brained work requires access to ‘in-between’ spaces, metaphorically as well as in reality. In a time and age, when we are going in and out of digital burrow-holes every now and then, entrepreneurs and organisations are just about beginning to understand the importance of creating an eco-system of ‘in-between’ spaces in our workplaces. Modern workplaces need to provide for solitude, as well as collaboration and spaces based on creative activity. For, space itself can be a starting point for innovation.

This piece has been written by Parthajeet Sarma. 

Parthajeet Sarma (MBA, Chevening scholar-Oxford Univ, UK) is the founder director of innovation-consulting firm iDream. With a background in design, Parthajeet has a deep understanding of the changing nature of space, from being a physical entity to becoming one integrated with the virtual. Parthajeet consults organisations to co-evolve the optimum combination of physical and digital spaces required. He also dedicates time towards in-house R&D of products and services and has won several awards and recognitions, in India and overseas.