Gallopper Talks 2016 Mumbai – A report

Gallopper’s 2016 began with a bang!

Who says New Year’s resolutions last only last one week? Gallopper has been living the dream with multiple talk series, workshops and seminars lined up throughout 2016 and across India!

In its second year of Gallopper Talks, the inspiring talk series for construction and development industry professionals, Gallopper in association with Godrej Interio, 12565492_1678604579058597_7391076487681608820_nboasted of a more determined team who worked tirelessly for months together, noteworthy speakers honing their passion and determined to inspire audiences along with prominent sponsors whose kind support would not have made these talks possible.

On January 15, 2016, the Gallopper team arrived at the venue, the aesthetically relevant Textile Committee Auditorium, Mumbai for the set up. Sibani Sarma, Founder of Gallopper was geared up to deliver the best Gallopper Talks yet!

5:30PM on the dot the Talk series commenced, with the glamorous Hostess- Prabhpreet introducing the program, and its line up in a rather witty deliverance.

11227952_1678604082391980_1021995089413036938_nMusic transcends individuals into artistry of mind and soul. To lighten the mood, Gallopper introduced two young experimental singers Nicola Joseph and Mayyank Solanki , who delivered a fusion of languages and style in a short four minute performance.

12540612_1678604152391973_7384872463607413165_nKeeping up with the inspiring tone was the first speaker of the evening. Al Amin Kably, Urban and Regional Planner for the past 15 years, enthralled the audience with his experience of working across 40 cities and his award winning international clients. With intriguing pictorial representation of his professional associations, Al provided an insight into the cultural comparisons of his current domicile- Jordan.

12565472_1678604265725295_2217892007988512102_nIn all the bustle of the day was a calm and composed Rajnish Jain, founder of Avani, an organization started way up in the Himalayas, working on generating electricity and cooking charcoal from pine needles. Rajnish, the next presenter highlighted the growing need of renewable energy and the change we can create through social entrepreneurship especially with the abundance of natural resources available in the North.

12522961_1678604179058637_7343551470233554661_nFrom up in the mountains to the highways of India, Binoy Mascarenhas Manager – Urban Transport (EMBARQ) at WRI Cities was next speaker. “A whopping 1.4 million people die from road accidents everyday!”, were some of the few statistics shared by Binoy in an engaging 15 minutes eye opening presentation highlighting the sensitivity of the issue of road accidents in India and across the globe and the need to  take action right from an individual level.

10352568_1678604009058654_3057370002999680049_nThe audience were trained into the convergence of mind, matter and time with the dynamic Dr. Sumit Chowdhury is a global thought leader in the field of Smart Cities, Telecom and Information analytics.

The only way to understand the universe is with Mathematics, claimed Dr. Chowdhury as he carefully took us through fractal structures, iterations and networks as they conspire practically in every field of every sector, including smart cities.

12565619_1678604022391986_6245804402587500237_nMaking a comeback to the stage was, Chetan Raikar, Celebrated Structural engineer, Chairman & Managing Director of Structwel Designers & Consultants. This time, he delivered an extremely honest, individual perspective of the industry today. As he touched upon the need for planning and regulations and the change that India has experienced over time.

12473616_1678520032400385_5044894337110596809_oManas Rath, Advisor to Non Profits and Entrepreneurs, spoke about an innovation in treating and re-using Waste Water to reduce Urban Water Stress. He gave some mind boggling figures such as “Buildings can Reduce Fresh Water Requirement by 70-90%” if this innovation is optimized for waste water treatment.

12509698_1678604102391978_1455597935177447544_nEmpathy. The practical use a term which we should all attempt to understand for success in any field. Nav Qirti, Principal and Managing Partner of Ideactio, a Singapore-based business & design consultancy presented a session on the need to interact more with professionals of all industries, and engaging in conversation to understand how a product/ service can be altered to suit your target audience. Nav Qirti later conducted a workshop on Design Thinking organized by Gallopper, which was very well received by all the attendees.

12471740_1678520339067021_3382831798160865562_oGallopper Talks’ last speaker was unconventional. Architect turned Techie, Raja Manohar CEO of Hexolabs Interactive, drove us through the journey of mobile technology in India. Raja, a passionate young leader is developing solutions for rural India while also mentoring young minds to associate social initiatives in their businesses with his association with Crisp Social Ventures.

Gallopper Talks was a programme for inspiration and knowledge sharing in different domains of the built environment. It facilitated collaboration and networking among academia, civil society organizations and professionals from disciplines like architecture, engineering and construction management – who are engaged with development and urban issues.

The videos of these talks will soon be available for viewing online on our YouTube channel, “”

Gallopper’s journey to collaborate thinkers and doers has only just begun. In the past year, we have reached way up to the Himalayas, and are hopeful of a global association with the support of the entire fraternity.