EVENT DAY – Workshop on Building Blocks to Financial Freedom

Friday evenings for Gallopper are always power-packed and intellectually inclined. This time, we were at Access Work, Parel hosting another ‘Brown Bagger’, with Financial Consultant, Ketan Sonalkar.

Architect turned Financial Consultant, Ketan is an alumnus of the prestigious Sir J.J College of Architecture. After taking up purely design affiliated assignments, for close to 15 years, Ketan began to explore the big numbers behind projects. He pursued a Masters in Finance from Welingkar Institute to hone his financial skills and sharpen his knowledge of investments and stock.


“Designers and most other professionals are often far removed from Finance and are unable to take sound financial decisions for their own projects and businesses”, exclaims Ketan and rightfully so, which is why we have several start-ups unable to break-even, even three years into business and consulting firms, attempting to manipulate funds to show profits.

It is important to get the basics right. Choosing an appropriate business model in sync with your objectives and line of work is a must. Ketan’s presentation style and friendly approach to the subject left all with an in depth understanding of their business’ financial standing.


“We always have a choice”, says Ketan : Finance being no exception, there are several options available at our disposal, and we just have to know which one is best.From terminology to financial concepts, to an interactive and engaging game to inculcate understanding of stock markets and trading, Ketan’s workshop covered it all!
Gallopper is glad to have been associated with Ketan who believes in deliverance and liberal thinking. It is individuals like these with whom we can collaborate towards building a progressive industry and flexible ecosystem.


The evening would not have been complete without our Venue Partner AccessWORK and food partner Box8, which also inspire the Brown Bagger activities of Gallopper. Good food, great friends and long talks, all in the spirit of Gallopper!