What does the client have that designers often overlook?

The answer is of course Financial Freedom. Architects and Interior Designers build beautiful homes for clients; even better looking hotels and resorts. Often it turns out that the designer overlooks profitability of the project.

One often hears architects saying (almost proudly) “I don’t even go through my balance sheet. My Chartered Accountant does it for me!” Considering the Designer’s eye for detail in the design process, wouldn’t it be a great idea to develop an eye for detail in the money that one has earned? More and more Designers crib that they never intended to become entrepreneurs when they went to Design School! Afterall Finance was a subject they didn’t learn at Design School.

Most Designers in India learn to manage their finances just as a progression of a successful design, which began to make money. Don’t you feel it might make sense for such designers to get a handle on their business as well as personal finances.

It might be a good idea to learn it from the expert in a classroom ambiance. Investing just 3 hours on a Friday, in a workshop organised by Gallopper…that wasn’t much, considering the months Designers spend to create a good design.

Diwali is anyways a good time to relook at your financial status.

Gallopper hosted a concise workshop on Financial Freedom, specially for Architects & Designers. It was held on October 9th, 2015 in Mumbai. The Financial Expert an Architect himself! It was a fun event combined with learning for the attendees.

Anyuways even if you missed the session, it is never too late to start investing time in what your client already has….Financial Freedom!

This is an editorial piece written by Founder Sibani Chakravarty Sarma. You can write to her at sibani.sarma@gallopper.com