Dr. Sumit Chowdhury – Global thought leader in the field of Smart Cities, Telecom and Information analytics

“I believe that Smartness is not a destination. It is not a ‘certificate’ that you will get at the end of project or a series of projects that will declare that you as ‘SMART’.” This is Dr Sumit Chowdhury’s view on Smart Cities, which is both unique and philosophical.

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Dr. Sumit Chowdhury is a global thought leader in the field of Smart Cities, Telecom and Information analytics. He is the Founder of Gaia Smart Cities and was a President of Reliance Jio and worked in IBM, Reliance ADAG, KPMG before. He is a business leader, entrepreneur and best-selling author, having led large, hyper-growth, multinational telecom and consulting companies in US, Australia and India. He has worked on technology based transformation of companies and is now focused on sustainable solutions for Smart Cities and Internet of Things.

Dr. Chowdhury provides mentoring & funding to entrepreneurs in areas like M2M, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, health-care, mobile internet, and career services. He is serving on the Board of 4 Start-ups. He is the author of a bestselling career management book, ‘Rules of the Game‘ published by Bloomsbury India that empowers readers to enhance productivity and fast-track their careers. He is also a speaker on the TEDx platform.

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Sumit’s education is from IIT Kanpur where he did his BTech and he got an MS from Carnegie Institute of Technology in ECE & Ph.D in Public Policy and Management from Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University.

The concept of ‘Smart Cities’ providing sustainable and efficient solutions to both urban and rural economies, has evolved as one of the most popular policy themes that is pursued by Governments, researchers and projects across the World.

Dr. Chowdhury defines Smart City as a city which makes use of Electronics, Communication and Information technologies to manage infrastructures more efficiently, offer services provided rationally, provide a higher quality of service to citizens, wherein all its players (citizens, local companies and local Government) interact with each other to evolve and improve their quality and quantity of activity. This interoperability requires the support of smart networks and platforms. He opines that “A Smart City is also a city (and its citizens) committed to its surroundings, across environmental, cultural and historical elements. It is a complex ‘ecosystem’ in which multiple players are closely linked by processes that enable new models of business services, relationship with the surroundings.”

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