Humans live and work in a blended world. Home and work is blended. The physical and digital worlds are blended. Gen Z is blended and not limited by geographical boundaries.

Blend Trends is a one stop destination that brings to you the latest stories and trends from the world of work. These emerge from two sources. Firstly, our team and our guests produce articles, videos and live events. Secondly, we scour the internet for relevant stories, videos, podcasts, jobs and aggregate them here, updating daily; the links, in these cases, take you to the original sources. We are a collective, and on a constant mission to help co-create the future of how humans work and live in the future.

You can participate by sharing your stories and experiences here, in the form of articles. You can also engage with us and co-create video stories. We can also facilitate other engagement opportunities like webinars and in-person workshops. And much much more.

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