A stickler for detail – Urvi Singhania

urvi-1A meticulous eye for detail and style from early days combined with an urge to create design and bring it to life, brought Mumbai based designer Urvi Singhania to do a foundation course on the principles of design at B. D. Somani with Kanika Bawa and thereon pursue a course in interior design at Rachna Sansad. A few years later and having trained under the tutelage of renowned Interior Designer Tejal Mathur, Urvi has made her mark in the profession as a stickler for detail where attention to finish and functionality form the fundamentals of all her projects. Modern chic design is her signature style and her juxtaposition of wood and slate finishes are a delight to view. Translating her clients brief with clarity of vision and delivering on expectations have earned her a reputation among the high society of Mumbai.

One of her most challenging, yet most satisfying projects was a bachelor pad in Malabar Hill. Challenging because the space was only 650sq feet (compact even by Mumbai standards!) and she had to work each and every square inch of the area to optimize it’s space whilst still having a free flowing feel. Also, the look and feel of the space had to be brought about by a balance of design and budget specifications set by the client. Although his brief was that he wanted simple clean lines, Urvi demonstrates how even the basic horizontals and verticals can be made interesting by the clever use of layering and through the play of textures and materials to create depth and character.


 A 650 sq ft bachelor pad at Malabar Hill designed stylishly to synchronize surrounding spaces with harmony, the pad is a blend of rustic influences complemented by modern, clean surfaces

 The T.V panel and unit cleverly join into the bedroom to form the bedside table and headboard bringing about a unity between the spaces. A sliding door with a cut out is used to separate the two areas when required.

 A custom made basin counter, coupled with dramatic use of dark tiling all around adds to the monochromatic tiny bathroom. 

 Multifunctional furniture pieces like the Bar table concealed in a wooden crafted panel can be bought down when required.


 Creative use of mirrors in the bedroom space double up as a dresser and a bathroom door, along with creating a wider sense of space 


 Natural wood crafted well in simple strong line work, enhances its innate beauty and oozes panache

Urvi’s passion for details often sees her curled up on her armchair near her balcony, sipping coffee while  scouring ideas on her iPad to create look books for her new projects.