Workplace Survey

Blend brings to you an unique exercise that Freespace is embarking upon, in association with IFMA India, to set up a framework for co-creating a better way of work in the post Covid 19 era. There is much talk about a completely new ‘way of work’ emerging. However, we believe that we are still at a stage where we still do not know what we do not know. So it is nearly impossible to predict if the new way will be radically different or corporate organisations will slide back to old ways. After all, nobody likes change, right? No one can predict. So, why not co-create a way of work that will be relevant and will not be difficult to implement?

The exercise comprises of an online survey as a first step, followed by select one-to-one interviews. These will be followed by ideation sessions with select participants to evolve easy, practical and economical ways to return to normal. We also believe the learnings will better secure us against Tsunamis of this kind in the future. Shown below is the survey form. This exercise is being implemented with participation from a few select organisations in India. The data you submit will be secure with the research team. The data will be analysed and the summary of the results will be shared with each participating organisation. On you completing this survey:

  1. You will see glimpses of low cost, high value tech solutions which have been readied to help organisations get back to their workplaces easily, on the landing page.
  2. You will get free access to a new calculator for workplace efficiency that we are trying to co-create and build with you. You can try out the basic version we have put up there, play around and see, in real time, different savings under different scenarios.

The above mentioned are small examples of many other things that Freespace and others are working upon to make the return to workplaces easier and low cost. We believe in an open-source approach. We know that we have a better chance of evolving a better way of working if we co-create solutions with end-users, that is you. We thank you for participating in this survey in advance.