Thanks to technology, ‘work’ and ‘place’ seem to be getting separated from each other in the ‘workplace’ we have known so far. The culture and the ability to ‘work from anywhere’, has given rise to a ‘third place’, besides home and the workplace. This third place is a blend of the physical and digital as we carry our work on our digital devices. This move has disrupted many existing models of how humans work and has opened up opportunities for newer business models to flourish.

Blend’s mission is to effect a smooth transition between the blended worlds of the physical and the digital for corporate organizations, co-working players and working professionals, by offering sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance worker productivity and well being.

At Blend, we are constantly co-creating the future of work, by blending together the knowledge and knowhow of a wide array of product manufacturers, tech suppliers, academia, researchers, architects and designers, scientists, psychologists and sociologists. While we bring such voices to you through Gallopper, we offer the learnings from this in the form of consulting services through iDream.