Photography is visual music – Samruddha Mogal

“I couldn’t understand how photography became my passion from a hobby,” reminisces Samruddha Mogal, an architect in private practice, in Nashik for last 18 years for whom photography has been a hobby since childhood as he learned the basics from his architect father. “During architectural education the learning process of photography was intense and I absorbed new techniques from some classmates who were very creative in this field. During those days we used to experiment in photography with manual cameras and film roll”. Samruddha received his first digital camera in the year 2002 and started doing digital photography. While in a study tour to Jaipur –Ajmer, in 2003, he discovered that, some of the images shot by him were good compositions and needed to be preserved. He reminisces “That was the first time I got the strong feeling that this is the medium I love and must practice a lot to enjoy it more”.

Thereafter, for a decade Samruddha did serious digital photography through various architectural study tours and educational tours. During this period he steadily kept on experimenting with photography and discovered improvements in his own perceptions. As a result he says “I couldn’t understand how photography became my passion from a hobby”. By that time his own photo collection grew with several creative photo compositions, mostly unusual types. Through self learning and experimentation in photography, Mogal developed an eye for searching the perfect angle, composition, light and background. “It is like adding a little extra to the otherwise ordinary photo” feels Samruddha.  Initially architectural photography was the focus but slowly he diversified with abstract and nature photography.

“Photography is visual music. Sense of composition and play of light are the essence of the photography. As one develops the skill of photography, the ability of looking at the same thing in a different perspective makes photographical journey exciting,” opines Samruddha. In 2013, while in Mumbai and casually visiting Jehangir Art Gallery with friends, Samruddha saw a photography exhibition in the new photography gallery. 03He liked the gallery and after seeing the exhibition he had a wild thought of doing his own exhibition there. He recollects “I bought one application form and came back home thinking how will I do it.  This incident triggered my photography passion on a different plane.  I had never exhibited any of my photography anywhere before this. Finally my wish came true when I had an opportunity to display my solo photography exhibition ‘Light & shadow in Architecture’ at Jehangir in January 2014.” Samruddha’s exhibition got a very good response, following which he gradually changed his passion into a unique profession of ‘Visual Arts Consultancy’ which he started recently. He proposes “Photo paintings” (photo frames with painting like visual effect) from his own creative photo collection having a theme suitable to the building environment and interior context of the project to enhance the look and feel of a space. He intends to pursue this as it is not only creative but also equally challenging.

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