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Top 5 Challenges impacting Professionals of the Interior Design Industry

In recent times there has been a huge change in the way the Interior Design Industry functions. Interior Design as an Industry has been a very recent inclusion in people’s lives in India and it had just about begun to receive recognition in the past decade or two. However, even before being established it is seeing a slew of changes and challenges.

1. The Internet: The Internet has had a huge impact on the Interior Design Industry. Everybody has an access to the Internet and therefore a lot of designs and products used by the professionals is widely available freely to clients. Clients can not only view products but also compare prices. Most of the time clients expect prices of custom made products to be similar to those which are mass produced and widely advertised on the net.

2. Hiring Contractors:Most Contractors claim they are design build companies and the reality is that most end users don’t see the difference. They know that a space done by a designer looks better and feels better but they really do think they are almost there with a design build.

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3. Luxury Product:  Less than 10% end users actually hire a designer because they perceive it to be a luxury expense.

4. Billing system: Most designers have their own system of billing and there are no set industry standards for charging the client. Also several designers do not have any transparency in their billing system and this gives clients a lot of discomfort.

5. Retailers and Discounts: Clients are pressed for time, eager for efficiency, competence and convenience. They then prefer to purchase furniture etc. from retail stores and feel satisfied in the short term.