A Fluidic, Seamless Home – A Breather from the Chaos

“Freedom is that frame where the mind, body and soul are in unison. One space actually lets you grow in it without anything coming in your way, it lets you breathe almost like you were safely nested in the womb. Openness, purity, cleanness, no unnecessary clutter, soothing, timelessness are a few attributes for this space. In this totally claustrophobic, chaotic world, this space transcends you into a different zone where you can spend some time delving into your mind & reading into energies within yourself into each day. ” says Sonali Shah, who offers modern residential interior design services in Mumbai.

Picture9Sonali Shah is one designer who seems to have got her act right. After graduation from SNDT Mumbai, Sonali did a short stint with a local design firm to get necessary experience. She strongly feels that any interior space she designs for her clients should help them towards a better lifestyle. Creativity and an eye for detail cannot be taught or learnt, they are inherent.

In this project – the residential interior design of Trinity at Juhu, Mumbai , Sonali takes a minimalistic approach while utility and practicality precedes all else. Detailing is such that maintenance is minimal thus making this abode an easy to live in, friendly space, never overpowering the senses while elevating ones mood gently.

Small home office
Small home office
Master bedroom with cantilevered bed
Master bedroom with cantilevered bed

The concept was to have ‘no edges’  between any surfaces and all corners rounded so that each surface – floor with the walls and walls with the ceiling – merge so there is no visual break between any space that the meets the eye. This gives a feeling of a cocoon – safe, secure and comfortable; just like a womb where there are no sharp edges, just enveloped to feel comfortable.

Study in Master bedroom

The ancient Indian science of Vastu shastra has been used to further enhance the positive vibes of this space.

Basically designed for a couple, it is conceived as a suite with a guest bedroom. So the entire four-and-a-half bedroom apartment has been opened out- keeping the guest bedroom as a single enclosed space in the apartment. The transparency and fluidity of the spaces, the intermingling and overlapping without distinct boundaries, sets this home apart.

Light is another fascinating tool used optimally in this home. There is a color therapy lamp, which creates different moods for the space – relaxed, work, energy, love, meditation.

Multi functional egg room

To get this look the challenges faced practically were achieving curved surfaces using solid materials. For example the floor turning into wall and creating cantilevered and concealed storage throughout the house. Matching the whites in the entire house to look uniform and creating the hollow to make the egg room with the right degree of arch to support the back without any furniture and customizing and making all the light fittings fit the scattering marble, required team effort and meticulous detailing which they achieved by conceptualizing, pre-planning and arduous working hours.

Picture8A friendly, sociable person, Sonali finds herself enjoying the process of involvement in every project of hers. Also being featured regularly in some of the leading magazines has helped. Amongst her achievements received up till now are Architects and interiors awards 2010 aces of space residential category, IAD awards 2009 and IIID MK awards 2008. Every designer, young or old, is basically watching trends; and therefore every designed home is like a product catalogue, rather than an animated personalized space reflecting needs and preferences of its users.