“Inspiring Creativity” – Architect Milind Pai

“Inspire creativity that turns dreams to reality”, is the thought behind MPA’s body of work. Chief Architect ‘ Milind Pai ‘ of the firm Milind Pai – Architects & Interior Designers, graduated with a 1st class degree from Sir J.J. College of architecture in 1987. The firm was established in the very 1st year after completing his graduation. The core purpose since the inception of this firm has been to ‘inspire creativity’. Today the organisation has evolved into a dedicated team of professionals committed to design excellence where, Architects and Interior Designers work in close collaboration with other experts including Engineers, Graphic Designers, Artists, Sculptures, Landscape Designers, Lighting and Acoustic Specialists. They have been constantly adding new milestones by propagating values, team work and expertise to every project.

MPThey take pride of having executed projects in nearly 30 Indian cities and 3 International Cities of Dubai, Muscat and Singapore. Here is the feature of “White Haven”, a plush apartment of 2200 sq. ft, designed in shades of white in  Mumbai.

“This residential project is a unique blend of a modern urban pulse interwoven with human warmth” says Architect Milind Pai. The design USP is a clear combination of simplistic, minimal elements with earthy tones making the space elegant.


Satuario Marble was selected as a base element. The design has undergone minor retrofits with structural changes to optimize space.

As one enters this apartment, one is welcomed by a user friendly console placed ahead of a stone mural wall. An open space idea is adopted for the space planning, of the interiors, to enable space efficiency and the creation of an orderly seating plan. The living room is designed for a functionally seamless space traversing through all the areas, allowing guests and relatives to enjoy each corner of this space including the balcony area. Gypsum ceiling with a crisscross random pattern has been used on the ceiling of the living area to break the monotony. Colored LED light strips outline the informal area of the living room.

Din Seat

The dining area on one side becomes an integral part of this living room with its customized furniture in table top veneer finish and the base in multiple metal ring on rose gold finish. This zone reflects into the blank wall adjacent to this space cladded in brown tinted mirror and wooden fins in PU finish, to give it a touch of the contemporary.

‘Monte Pulchiano’ white marble has been used for the background of the TV area and a special dark wood was used in the flooring for the Den Area. Stone tiles of earthy shade have been used for the wall cladding adjoining the seating space to add liveliness to this zone. A lot of emphasis was laid on the “detailing” in the entire project.

For balancing the color shades and adding a zest to the home, the kitchen is designed with a tint of white, orange and dark grey metallic in the backdrop for shutters in PU finish. Blue crystal granite is used for the kitchen counter top which makes a balance of the overall theme, complete.

Kit Bath

Elegantly designed small bathroom works well for this space. Keeping this in mind a crisp contrast of beige, brown and white are used as an ultimate combination for modern aesthetics for individual bathrooms. Satuario marble, Armani brown marble and stone finished wall tiles, are amongst the few finishing materials used along with a sculptural counter top basin; giving it a tint of gleam.


Each of the four bedrooms are unique in their own way and have been fine tuned to the users’ expectations. The modern contemporary theme across the bedrooms was supported with simple straight line furniture design.

Bed 2

One of the ‘theme designed bedrooms’ was for a young boy who loves cars. This design was all about finding that right balance between playful and comfortable to offer a childish hub. Colors used are energetic white with blue in dominance. Though contemporary, this bedroom goes much beyond the generic theme rooms.

For the guest bedroom, the bed back is designed with a charcoal Glowood paneling and its head-board finished in leather. Bands of veneer with lamination on the wardrobe adds a little bit of richness to the bedroom. As far as the master bedroom is concerned, the client wanted it to look classy yet minimalistic with blends of white and brown in the color scheme that would make the space feel more open and airy. Due to the presence of an extended space in the room, a set of modern purple armchairs have been placed in one corner, making the space a cozy seating area for two.

The designer asserts, “At MPA, our work reflects the fundamental elements of design, which enables us designers to work at any scale and with any material to blend the design seamlessly. Hence we are always committed first to the practicality of the design, and keep finding better aesthetical value for every project we work upon, to achieve the grand finale of outstanding end results.”