“Future of Facilities Management” – FM Xchange, Development2020

Nimitt Karia and Tanvi Karia, Founders of ‘Development2020’, a multi disciplinary development and project management firm, with prime emphasis on the building industry, have recently released a White Paper on the Future of Facilities Management. With their keen interest and international experience in looking at Design as well as Buildings from ‘in-use’, ‘post occupancy’ point of view, they operate a division within the organisation in Strategic Briefing and Facilities Management Consultancy. This arm is known as FM Xchange.

FMXchangeWith Gallopper’s deep interest in knowledge sharing, we decided to give the audience a peek into the recently released document on the “Future of Facilities Management”


The increasing urbanization and the exponential growth being witnessed by India’s II tier and III tier cities is placing an immense pressure on the infrastructure. With this, there is an ever growing financial cost of managing assets and demand for quality services, which in turn has forced the owners/managers of these assets to consider efficient and viable solutions for challenges faced in strategic planning of the overall assets, management of facilities, day to day maintenance & operational issues. Reduced occupancy costs and user satisfaction are the key drivers for owners/managers who are looking at partnering with advisors and service providers. The world over, professional facilities management is helping larger infrastructural setups to concentrate on the ‘core business’ by entrusting their ‘support services’ to appropriate service providers, and ensuring a monitoring mechanism to oversee their delivery and performance.

This report is an outcome of development2020 FMXchange consultancy’s initiative over the last 4 months for a qualitative research survey to collate the industry knowledge and understand the demand and challenges faced by organizations in managing their facilities.

Background study Current trend of Facilities Management in the world and in India

Although facilities, like anywhere in the world, are required for any habitat to perform its function; the structure of people and teams managing the facilities, from its inception to its use and maintenance stage, differs in INDIA.



NKTK6Contribution to the Facilities Management industry development2020 FMXchange is a facilities management consultancy, set out to address the issues discussed and bridge the gap in the market. Having experience of over a decade in the Indian built environment sector this model of consultancy is a step in the direction to validate the outcome of this research. Similar to the project management consultancy development2020 is investing in developing systems and procedures, technology intervention, as well as developing and training Facilities Management professionals. With the support from professional colleagues, industry parameters, existing clients and friends, development2020 has been working and has already been delivering few high profile assignments in the Facilities Management model –

Developing Strategic Brief

Developing Facilities Design Brief

Facilities Management Consultancy at commissioning and occupancy stage

Facilities Audit (post-occupancy evaluation)