Crowdsourcing Eyeballs @Gallopper

We have now launched Gallopper TV. This is the Indian Construction and Building Industry’s first focused YouTube channel. We have begun by putting up soul-searching interviews with a few from the sector, who are doing path-breaking work. Those featured, refrain from talking about project details, as we delve deep into their souls to find the inspiration behind such works. In many ways, the essence is in line with our flagship program Gallopper Talks.

We are crowdsourcing eyeballs for the Construction and Building industry. How do we do this? For example, Godrej Interio is partnering with us to run a series called ‘Talk the Walk’. We are promoting our channel on various social media platforms. Godrej Interio is promoting the series through their networks. This brings in a collective strength of followers. Suppose we partner with your organisation on a different series, and host it on Gallopper TV. This could be a branded series, which is close to your organisation’s ethos. Like Godrej Interio, you too will promote the series within your networks. So will we. So now we have the Godrej Network, our network and your network combined, and all the eyeballs will get an opportunity to watch the videos from your series. This gives your brand increased visibility. Eyeballs multiply. At a fraction of the cost required otherwise.

Watch this video to understand how we can crowdsource eyeballs.