Behind the Scenes: Designing Positivity at Work

In a recent conversation between Architect Vistasp Bhagwagar, and workplace strategist Sibani Sarma , the importance of design in creating employee-centric workplaces was discussed. The conversation, recorded in the form of a video for the series ‘Reframe‘ presented by Bristol Furniture, shed light on the role of design in enhancing employee engagement, productivity, and a sense of purpose at the workplace.

Shooting such a video with an acclaimed architect was a learning experience, as Bhagwagar took active part in preparing before every shot. Everyone involved, including Bhagwagar, the Bristol team, Sibani Sarma and the video production crew, sat down in the beginning to outline the objectives, key points, and overall structure of the video. They determined the specific areas of the design studio to showcase. To ensure a visually appealing and authentic setting, the design studio was prepared before the shoot. This involved organizing and decluttering the spaces, paying attention to details such as lighting, artwork, and furniture placement. The aim was to create an inviting and inspiring atmosphere that showcased the studio’s design philosophy.

Besides being highly informative, the final result of the edited video is visually appealing. Have a look below at some ‘behind the scenes’ shots.


Watch the full video here